New name for Valentina!



Rename this project!

Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have to rename the project. However, Valentina is Roman’s mother’s name! I think that it’s the right thing to do to allow this name to go with Roman. We’ll be supportive of Roman, no matter what he’s going through right now, because that’s who we are as a community. Poor attitudes are never in anyone’s best interest.

So, What’s your suggestion???

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Schlee ?

or tau meta tau physica


Open Pattern Maker ?


Patter: Obvs - linked to pattern: Sound of a sewing room/machine: Slang for fun witty conversation

Patois: As above only more international/collaborative: Converging languages to create something new



no reference to clothing design or sewing, however the term evokes the image of positive change, kinetic energy

Grace Hopper In addition to her programming accomplishments, Hopper’s legacy includes encouraging young people to learn how to program.

A hopper can be used as a container, as a crafting ingredient, and as a redstone component.

also hopper - Wiktionary


I would stick with Valentina in honour of Desmine’s work and also because there are so many in the modelling and fashion industry with that name.

Also, Valentina Patternmaking Software has become quite well known all over the net, would it be wise to change the name and start the advertising again?

However, I’m happy with whatever you decide :slight_smile:


@Grace, the issue is that there are now two independent forks of the project that are diverging. Roman is continuing to develop his own fork under the name Valentina, so if we also stick with that name, it would create a lot of confusion. Right now, the two forks are nearly identical, but the differences will only grow as time goes on.

I’m new around here, so I don’t expect my opinion to count for much, but I think leaving the Valentina name with Roman is the right thing to do. I know nothing of fashion, though, so I won’t even try to propose a new name!


Ah. That makes sense. Well, we could always call it ‘Fabulous Designer’! :wink:


Strumodello - Contraction of the Itallian “strumento modello” ( pattern tool according to Google Translate).


dismine is Roman. Roman’s mother is a seamstress/tailor in the Ukraine. I believe Susan intends to change the name so that Roman may continue to use the name Valentina because he intends to branch of and continue supporting the product… just not as part of this particular community


Ok, thanks for clearing up the reason for the name change, everyone :slight_smile:

I think the best name suggested is Fabulous… so far. :slight_smile:


Ah. That makes sense. Well, we could always call it ‘Fabulous Designer’! :wink:

I know there is - or was - already a “Marvelous Designer” which was a windows based patternmaking tool I saw several years ago


Bingo! On a serious note, though, how about we honour both of them by calling it something like ‘Romina Designer’?


Off the top of my head… And all the .org’s are available.

PatternDesignTools PatternDesignerSystem or PatternDesignSystem PatternStudio PatternDesignProject FreeDESIGN FreeDraft FreeDraw FreePatternDesigner PatternDesignerLab DesignIt OmniDraft PatternIt PatternEze PatternEase PatternNiche PatternPal ePaterrn MyPattern TotalPattern PatternVision TurboPattern PatternRight PatternRite PatternForge PatternSalon PatternDraw Patternator Patternist VPattern


Hello, i am quite new in this comunity and on the way to learn Valentina (i have experience so far only in paperwork) and i love it. But what will be in the future ? will there be two Versions of Valentina ? One from Roman and one from somewhere else ? Any Idea what will be the difference between these two “forks” ? I am a little bit confused now.


How about FashionScape


Open Pattern Maker has my preference. It’s simple and clear, understandable even if English is NOT your mother thong. It also appeals to logical search words when googling With other words: Keep It Simple S…


I like “tool” more than “maker” because for me (English is not my first language, but still) “maker” sounds like something… automated. Something that will do at least half of the work for you.

Which is also what people often expect of patternmaking software. A couple of people who I recommended Valentina to later told me “that’s not what I thought it would be. Why do I need a program if I still have to know patternmaking to use it”

Tool sounds more professional, like something that will help to achieve better results, but only if operated by someone who knows what they are doing


Is there a mission statement for this project - there must be some disagreement on direction or there would not have been any need for a fork.

So would it not be an idea to specify the proposed direction and see if that suggests a name.