Bra pattern?

Im looking for someone to either share a bra pattern with me, or someone to help me along with creating a bra pattern

Hi @mykookoon

The idea behind Seamly2D is to create your own patterns. There are various books, ebooks and websites offering instruction on how to do this. I’m still learning myself :frowning: and haven’t reached the bra stage :slight_smile:

Most of what I can gather is that the bodice blocks are created first and from them, the bra is designed. There are instructions for bra only on the internet like this site:

I hope this helps.


Hi @Grace:

Do you know a good childrenswear pattern book? I have Metric Pattern Cutting for Children’s wear and Babywear by Winifred Aldrich, but everytime I make the pattern it seems the sizing is much bigger than what I want. Maybe it is to accommodate the fast growing of children, but it’s quite a nuisance if I want to make a fitted pattern. Thank you!

Hi @alexandria_tale I have the same book, 4th edition. I made this pattern for a friend, but haven’t had any feedback whether it fits or not: Kiddy T-Shirt Pattern.val (35.1 KB) Aldrich Children 3-6 years.vst (1.8 KB)

I’m probably being ‘otherwise’ but I make .vst files when making patterns so that I can test the size up & down to check the curves, etc. while I’m working. Once I have the pattern grading neatly, I load the .vit file with the person’s personal measurements and pray like heck :slight_smile: So far, it’s worked very well on a few articles I’ve made.

My theory in doing this is that if I can get everything drafted beautifully, then it should work - regardless of the measurements used, as long as all the measurement codes correspond.

Just be careful with close-fitting articles. They are normally made from stretch fabric, so depending on the fabric, instead of positive ease, it will be a negative ease. (This gets to me in the newer Aldrich books - she includes the ease in her measurements sometimes.) So if a measurement is 50cm and the ease is 2cm, this means that the ease is 4%, but if you’re working with a fabric that has a 10% stretch, instead of + 2cm, you will have * .9 to make the pattern smaller.

I’m still learning about all that, but that’s the basic idea. I hope it helps.

I have .vst files for a few of the size groups in the Aldrich books - if you’d like them, let me know :smile:

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Thank you very much! I’ll try making the pattern in the near future :smile:

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Hi @mykookoon ! Can you post an image of the bra style? Do you want a bikini bra (no structure or support). a 1950’s bomb-style, or what? There are many types :smiley:

Thanks for your answer… i know the goal is to draft myself…english is not my mother tongue and since most function are only explained in english I struggle at some points to proceed. If i could see a finished bra pattern, than i could look at the function used and use it for my own drafting,but ill check your link…thanks so much

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Actually i don’t care which pattern style…any done in valtenina would help me to understand what kind of function to use for some steps. Since english is not my mother tongue and most function are only explained in english I struggle at some points to proceed.

What is your native language? I plan to work on a tutorial for a skirt, I wanted to do that in English and German. I am about halfway through the English one, I only wanted to finish my shirt first.

If it is of any help for you, I could bring forward the German skirt.

Btw, English is not my native language, too :slight_smile: You write very well.

You could also ask questions here in the forum if it is the function in Seamly2D/Valentina that makes you struggle; I can not construct a bra but there are a lot of functions that are used in like every construction of a pattern :slight_smile:

GERMAN!!! ohhhh yes please…

i only drafted bra pattern on paper…im a bra maker… i can handle that easily…drafting digitally is new to me and therefore i lack basic knowledge and on top of that i sometimes do not understand correctly the some tool function…only explained in english doesn’t help me much…so i hope to be able to copy some knowledge from a ready existing pattern…

so your work in german could help most probably already to find my way around… Thanks Moniaqua

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Na dann… dann werd ich mich doch mal bequemen müssen, die Oberfläche auf Deutsch umzustellen, oder nutzt Du die Englische?

Ok, I guess I’ll have to work with the German GUI than unless you are using the English one.

Hmm, I just notice - that manual, -

is it available in a different language than English? If not, is it possible to get the text in a form that it can be edited?


Hi, What method did you use to draft your bra pattern on paper? Kristina Shin, Beverly johnson, müller und sohn, Ann Haggar, esmod, something else or your own? There are so many different ways, it helps to know what you are familiar with.

Hi @moniaqua I think @ichigolab is working on an Italian translation. The word docs are very large to keep uploading them. I’ll put them into dropbox and post a link later.

:blush: I did a tutorial on how to draft an underwire bra :blush:

Here are the files, if they will help you. I haven’t printed or tested the pattern in any way.

Basic Underwire Bra.val (31.2 KB)

Bra.vit (1.4 KB)

I used the instruction on this site:


I hope this helps :sunglasses:


@Grace provided me the manual; I’ll do a translate asap and will then keep on working on my tutorial for the skirt. I think that’s at the moment probably the most helpful for you.

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@Grace wrote the Valentina ebook and probably has it in a format other than pdf

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Thank you @kmf, yes, she gave me the editable file and I am working hard on translating :sweat_smile:


Грейс не могли бы Вы к шаблонам бюстгальтера добавить файл мерок для бра

Hi @Natalibax I did add both files above: image

Google Translate PDF… you should be able to find a way/site to translate this pdf to German.

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