Bra pattern?



Thank you, Douglas, I know google translate and so on :slight_smile: It is not for me; I can deal with the English text, too. It is just to broaden the base of people who can use the program and because it was asked for and I do not trust those translators like babelfish or so too much (although my husband says dl would be really good…). Besides, I am learning a lot about Seamly2D on translating the manual :wink:


There are also sites that will translate the document and keep the format and everything, but the document is a bit large for the ‘Free’ version :frowning:

They work pretty well, but the document will still need to be very carefully read through because some of the words don’t translate very well.

I’m very grateful that @moniaqua is taking the time to translate it for us :slight_smile:


i used kristina shin


ohhh lovely…ll check this out…that my be exactly what im looking for…kisses!!!


wow…das ist aber sehr sehr lieb von dir …danke


ich arbeite mir der deutschen Oberfläche…


now the next question arises…how to convert your bra pattern into 5. 0 version? i can’t open the ones you posted…:cold_sweat:


Seamly2D so far seems pretty stable to me, look here:

Das hatte ich befürchtet und in weiser Voraussicht auf diese umgestellt; die Bilder im Manual lasse ich allerdings (die neu einbinden ist eine Schw…arbeit, das mach ich später), dafür schreib ich die englischen Begriffe daneben, dann lernst gleich Englisch :wink:


wow…das ist mega lieb von dir


Hi @mykookoon! Were you able to install the latest Seamly2D version?


No i need to to do that…actually it says there are no updates to make…so maybe i have to download the entire program again on my mac


@mykookoon, download the program in the link and install it, it will upgrade your version to the latest and keep all your recently opened files intact.


@Avi has created a tutorial for an underwire bra from Kristina Shin’s method: