Wrong dimensions on an assembled A4 grid



I designed a trouser pattern and printed it on a4 sheets. Then I assembled the grid and checked all the dimensions and found some errors, most significant one is the trouser length which is nearly 2 cm shorter. I checked my drawing for errors, but it seems fine. I found errors in both directions.

I used valentina 4.5 on Linux.

I don’t checked my printer, but I don’t think it comes from it.

I can provide the val file and I am a computer scientist.


Hi, can you try to check with the last test build?


As i understand you printed by option Print tiled? If yes can you also try Save as tiled PDF and print the pdf file? I think i see a bug.


I printed from the pdf so as to only print page with content.

I will recompile valentina.


I got this warning when I run the layout : Fields go beyond printing Apply settings anyway?


This doesn’t explain why your image has wrong size.

Did you try test build?


yes it seems still wrong, il will check properly this evening.


You have this warning probably because set A4 as base for a layout. Now you try to print A4 on A4 printer. It can’t do that because reserve some space for printer fields. And as assume because of bug when you print tiled document from Valentina tiled image will not be created.


I did a trousers pattern 2 days ago with the latest version of valentina from the develop branch, using ubuntu 16.04. I also printed it with a tiled PDF and the printed pattern had the right dimensions.

When you printed the document, did you check the settings of your printer? Sometimes the default “scale” value for printing a document is something less than a 100% and it can lead to this kind of errors.


Did you print through Valentina or created a pdf file?

void MainWindowsNoGUI::PrintTiled()
    isTiled = false; // <- looks like a bug, should be true


I created the PDF file, saved it then later opened it with my PDF-File Reader and printed it.


@fabrice You were printing directly from Valentina, correct? Please send the *.val & *.vit file. I have a 44" plotter so I can test the Valentina code while excluding printer scale & paper size issues.


I had the intuition to check my 40 years old tape meter and I found a 1% shrinking which explain partly my pattern problem.

Then I rechecked the printed pattern using an true meter and found something interesting, the width at the bottom of my trouser should be 24 cm (horizontal) but it is 23 cm, thus we get the right dimension if we add a 1cm margin. Thus it excludes a possible scaling during the printing process.

I think I could manage to print from an A0 pdf to check if it comes from the tiling.

The paper format is set to A0 and I printed the PDF from the Okular software. I measured a box size of 185 x 268 mm and the bottom/right margins are close to 1 cm.

Note: I don’t have the permission to add a file.


Please open an issue at https://bitbucket.org/valentinateam/valentina/issues. You can post your pattern *.val and measurement *.vit files there with a description of what happened (saved as PDF in Valentina, printed PDF with Okular, A0 paper, etc.)


@slpencer, how do you like idea to create image of ruler? User could print it and test scale factor. 1 meter will be enough.


I tested a box 100 cm x 50 cm on my HP Designjet T120 printer on 24" roll paper. The length was accurate and the width was lass than 0,5 mm too narrow.

From my point of view the printing is accurate.


I couldn’t print the A0 pdf but I checked the svg file using inkscape and I found the right measure thus it should comes from the valentina tiling process. I created an issue:



@dismine, I think you could add on the grid margin a 10 cm ruler on both directions to ensure the printing is fine. A simple tick should be enough so as to save ink. Actually a tick would be close to “Page”.

Usually printers are right, but some PDF viewers have printing options that could scale the document. A basic ruler could remove any doubt.


FANTASTIC IDEA! :slight_smile: I use a *.val pattern that produces 10cm x 10cm grid for this test.


Looks like scale factor is right. But we have problem with tiling algorithm.

@fabrice, do you know how to apply patches?