Test your pattern on free 3D program



Is there a way to thest our pattern on a free 3D program like Make Human, Blender or Daz3D?

I already try with marvelous design but this program is expansive.

Thanks for your help.


Hi @miniil,

I seem to recall someone did a tutorial on instructables a month or 2 ago. I did check it out, but it went way above my head :(, and I don’t have time at the moment to learn a new program. You can either search through instructables or on here for it, if you wish :slight_smile:

Found it for you :slight_smile:


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Thanks @Grace but I well know this tutorial because it’s mine.

As I said in my first post I already know how to do this with marvelous designer.

But Marvelous Designer is expansive and it would be better to do this with a free program.


Hi @miniil,

Yes you can do it in Blender.

You can save an image of your pattern and bring it into Blender as a background image which you can then either trace with a single vertex and multiple extrusions or with a multi-loop-cut plane.

Or you can export your pattern as a .svg and then directly import it into Blender.

No matter how you get your pattern into Blender, however, you’re going to have to have an Avatar with accurate proportions also imported into Blender.

It’s on this Avatar you’ll morph the pattern around using the Blender Shrinkwrap modifier.

So to the question of if it’s possible the resounding answer is yes.

YouTube abounds with videos explaining in detail how to go about the steps I enumerated.

I hope this helps.


Hi, @miniil

I found some interesting videos here. On how to create an avatar with the measures you want on MakeHuman: YouTube

And how to sew clothes on Blender: . YouTube . YouTube (this one teaches how to sew clothes with a pattern!)

I’m still new to this 3D stuff, but I’m learning my way through. I already made an avatar with my measurements to test with the patterns I create with Seamly.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answers, I’ll take a look at those videos and try to create my makehuman avatar.

If I have success with that I’ll tell you about it.

have a nice day


Good day @miniil

Did you get anywhere with MakeHuman, and Blender for testing Seamly patterns? I have some experience with both program MakeHuman, and Blender so might be able to help


Hi @scbenoit I may have some work for you, can I send you email?


@sispencer I sent you a message here