Segment a curve


Hi Could you please be kind to explain me how to use the curve tool : segment a curve (the 5th curve tool)? When I select it and click on the curve where I want to put a point, it does not allow me to select the curve and does not open the dialog box. Thank you


Are you sure you are selecting a curve and not a curved path? There is another tool for segmenting a curved path.


I am talking about the tool “segment a curved path” and in the Valentina e-book it is said : select the curve you wish to segment and a formula box will pop up , but the problem is I am not successful with this tool in selecting the curve. I am sure I am doing something wrong but what ?


If you draw a “simple curve”, from point 1 to 2, then you use “segmenting a simple curve”. If you draw a “curved path”, using at least 3 points, then you use “segment a curved path”

In the video I use simple curve for the top curve, and curved path for the bottom.

As you can see, I cannot use “segment a simple curve” for the bottom, I have to use “segment a curved path” I also cannot use “segment a curved path” for the top, because it is a “simple curve”

curves path.flv (1.6 MB)


Avi, you are just wonderful - I did not know the difference regarding curves as you explained it and it is even more clear with your video. This is all new for me, and I am already very happy with what I have been able to draw, but of course sometimes I am facing these kind of problems. I do not know if you have made more videos, and in case yes, where can we find the list ? By the way it would be a great help for beginners to find a link, where all the videos from all the users, could be listed . Once again merci mille fois (I am French)


I haven’t really made more videos, but if you click on the youtube link at the top of the page, there are videos that might be helpful.