Seamly2d version française

Hello, first of all congratulations for all the improvements, I love it. I have a little bug I think. I installed and set the preferences of the software in French but I still have many icons in English. How can I solve this I use version Thanks for your help


Unfortunately, although we are making progress with the improvements, we have not yet got the translations in line. However, If you would like to help ensure that Seamly has the translations set up properly for française, I think that @Grace & @Douglas have started setting up a way for you to submit the proper terms.



Yes … Grace created (a) spreadsheet(s) with all the terms… blank ones per language need translating. I can take the spreadsheet and import the teanslations into Liguist to produce the translation files.

Or… if we could find a French - English speaking user that could handle Qt Linquist - that would be ideal.


Hi, I haven’t been veryactive on the forum for some times, so I just found this post. If help is still needed, I will have a look at Qt Linguist to see if I can handle it.

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We’ve run lupdates recently on the repo… now we just need to start filling in the changed / missing translations. That’s where Linguist comes into play.