Seamly 2D event in Milan on 3/12/2019

Hello everyone, the WeMake fablab in Milan (italy), that you already know to organizes courses on digital fashion, will have me as a guest on the 3rd of december to talk about how I have digitalized the patternmaking process in my family’s Atelier. It’s a true pleasure for me to be part of a “fashion revolution” :slight_smile:

here the event:

more on WeMake facebook page.


p.s. at the time of writing I use Valentina for my work (even if I have both Valentina and Seamly installed) because it has some small feature very useful for me. At the event I will show a couple of patterns made with Valentina but given the similarity still present between two software I won’t encourage people to use one or another. People can be free to hear my experience and to decide on their own. It’s not my intention to endorse a software I haven’t paid for, also because it’s not the “spirit” of this kind of open source, free softwares in my opinion.


Oh, wow! @luca_lavore, Congratulations :slight_smile:


This sounds great, @luca_lavore, wish I could come!


thank you @Grace

@crn the event is open :slight_smile:

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Hi @luca_lavore

I am wondering how it went with the event?

Pretty good in my opinion. Since it is a FabLab where the event was (and where they organize courses), the audience was not totally pattermaking-oriented. But we’ve recorded everything in a video, soon to be published and subtitled in english. I’m trying to plant seeds for a new generation of pattermakers :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah! Thank you, @luca_lavore. I’m very happy that it went well :slight_smile:

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