Seam allowance for a zip fly



I want to place different seam allowances on a same line. It is to put a zip fly. I need 1,5 cm instead of 1 cm (for the rest of the back seam). 21

As you can see on the picture, I want a seam allowance 1 cm between A and B, 1,5 cm between B and C with a gap on B. But I have automatically this inclination : 1 cm on A to 1,5 cm on C (I choose 3 cm in the pattern piece to see better). I have : A - before 2 cm, after 1 cm ; B - before 1 cm, after 1,5 cm ; C before 1,5 cm, after 1 cm.

Anyone can help me ?

Thank you :slight_smile:


It’s very easy. Create another point, F, about .25cm after B. Then create the seam allowance After point F to be the 1.5cm. This will give a type of Z effect. If you’d rather have a sloping effect, then put the 1.5cm in the Before as well.





I also made B to be 1.5cm After


Yes ! It works ! Thank you very much :smile: