Real Body Measurements


I hope this isn’t against any rules… let me know if it is and I’ll take it right down :slight_smile:

Would anyone be open to giving me their measurements if I sent my ME template?

A little background: I’m working on patterns for my shop and I’d like to build up a larger pool of real-world measurements to toggle between to test for possible conflicts. I want the patterns to draft to a custom size instead of having a size-range, if that makes it clearer. I have my own measurements and those of a handful of friends, but it would be nice to have lots of different body types to test. I have the AASTM charts, but I’ve found that those are more for grading purposes and are based on a “typical” size 4/ B cup model measurements and go up and down from there. In short, they aren’t very useful for what I want to do.

You certainly don’t have to post on here, I can chat with anyone interested via PM. Really, I’m looking for all sizes, heights, you name it. I’d greatly appreciate any help. Just let me know on here or PM me.

If anyone has any interest in or wants to see my sloper first, I’m happy to post it :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading!


Are you looking for Male builds, Female builds, or both? I assume both since, even without getting into psychology, there is a lot of overlap, especially if you want to be sure to be compatible with edge-cases.

I wouldn’t see a problem with posting your blank ME template here, unless for your own quality-control reasons.


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Hi @dllsfan! FANTASTIC IDEA!!! Yes please go for it! We would love to support this effort. And I can anonymize this data and store it on the forum for everyone to use.


Sure! I can send you mine and of all that lives in my house kkkkkk

How can I send it to you?


That is an excellent question! I focus on making vintage reproductions of Women’s clothing, but math is math. I’d like to be as inclusive of the LBTQ+ community as possible. Having male, augmented and Trans builds are on my unicorn list and would be wonderful to make sure I’m accounting for as wide of a range as I can :smiley:

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That would be awesome :smiley:


I made my own measurements template, just because it was easier on my brain to keep them connected with my variables table. You are welcome to post on here or pm me with them when you’re ready.

I should have warned everyone that there’s a lot of measurements LOL

Thank you so much for your help <3

VRP Measurements Template.vit (6.2 KB)


@dllsfan Thanks for the template but it’s universally useful if you use Seamly2D measurement names. Otherwise it doesn’t contribute to the community.


I went through and made a template using the Seamly known measurements that either directly corresponded to mine or I ones that I could make work based on the information. There are a handful that I use for my patterns that aren’t available in the Seamly list (i.e. Cup size, neck length, neck side to high bust point, etc.)


measurements template using Seamly known measurements.vit (3.5 KB)


@dllsfan You Rock! Thanks, and its good that you’ve included measurements that aren’t in SeamlyMe yet.


Yo tengo las tablas de medidas por DROP( diferencia entre pecho y cadera en mujeres ,Diferencia entre cintura y tórax en hombre es una medida de complexión de un cuerpo ) que se utilizan en hacer patrones . Con las diferencias de crecimiento por cada punto del patrón. Tengo alguna tabla de medidas de drop 5 de mujer ( diferencia entre cadera cintura 5 cm), la puedo compartir.

Un saludo


I have the measurement tables by DROP (difference between chest and hip in women, Difference between waist and thorax in men is a measure of the complexion of a body) that are used in making patterns. With the growth differences for each point of the pattern. I have a table of measurements of drop 5 for women (difference between hip waist 5 cm), I can share it.