Problem with Linux (.deb) package

Hello, As a very long time Linux user (and sys admin), I installed the seamly2d ( version) Debian package. I was able to solve the Xpdf dependency problem (took some time and thinking but Seamly2d is working fine). But if I want to check for updates, I get an error message. See the attached screen copy. Capture d’écran du 2021-11-15 10-54-50 So I bet the repository system has changed ? Question: How could I get an updated Debian package ? (I’m very very reluctant to use appimage because of their security risks). What is the latest version of Seamly2d package ? Many many thanks in advance for your help and for this fine peiece of software ! Have a nice and bright sewing day !


@slspencer or another of the devs might be more help, but my suggestion would be to build Seamly from the Source Code.

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Not a Linux issue.

My understanding is there are no updates to be found… or the app is looking in the wrong spot…thus the “Not Found” error message. Building from the source won’t fix the update error, but could fix the XPDF issue.

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Yeah, building from the source won’t fix the update error, but it will allow one to have a new Linux install without using the AppImage.


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