Printing a full pattern on Plotter

Hi, I am printing full patterns on a plotter. First I am making the pdf file and convert it to DXF and than again to PLT. So I made left and rightside of a jacket because of eventual lower shoulders, ectra. Is there a way to keep the patterns from flipping to the same side. I would prefer to print out the patterns as left and right pattern. Up till now in Seamly the pattern parts keep flipping to the same side . Any suggestions



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Hi & welcome, @Mastertailor

There is an option under File>Application Preferences>Pattern Piece where you can place a checkmark at Forbit Flipping:

The reason for that is because the “layout” was meant for printing and not as a marker - where the algorithm tries to fit the pieces in the smallest amount of paper. Which means it may flip or rotate pieces, unless like Grace suggested, you checkmark the prefs to stop it from doing so.

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Many Thanks Grace.

worked well,

Next step is to make a Marker in Gerber. But for now Happy to be able to print out without the flipping.