Place point along axis by distance, not angle


I’m working on a collar pattern and I need help. I need to translate the length of the line C3 - C to a line starting at C3 (circled in blue) and intersecting with line C6 - C2 (circled in red). I’m unsure how to do this, as the tools typically use are based on angles, not length. My initial thought was to use the point intersect line and axis tool and calculate the angle with a formula, however I don’t have the ability to properly calculate the angle without knowing the length of either the other sides or other angles.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated!


If I understand correctly what you want to do…

Select the "Point at intersection of arc and line: tool1

Follow the status bar tips: Select line from point C2 to C6


Set the radius to the length of the line_C_C3

It will produce the point intersection of the line and arc where the distance from C3 to C1 (or whatever yur point name is) is the same as C3 to C. tool3

Note that in upcoming updates the name of some tools are changing, along with an updated look of the dialogs. This tool happens to be one with aname change. It will be named “Intersect Arc and Line” with a new tool icon found in the the Arcs tab vs the Curves tab. Also the visual geometry will now display the arc.

tool5 tool6

Hope this is what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:



BTW… this is one of the reasons for updating the dialogs… some of the English needs translating … “Top of the line”? Huh? Why not “Bottom of the line” then? :wink:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: How about a compromise? Line Start & Line End?

It was a rhetorical question. I was just pointing out another inconsistency in the grammar and terminology used the app.

I’ve already redone the dialogs. To be consistent across the dialogs, and to save space I’ve used a Point 1… Point 4 format. It’s a semantics thing. It has more to do with order of selection, rather than where something begins and ends. Such as the Point on Bisector:


Besides with a line you could just as easily select the points in opposite order - so there is no real start and end point.