Pattern scale

Hi, I’ve just created my first pattern and I’m trying to export it into a file, but I don’t understand how the scale works. The image on the png file is larger than it should be. I also tried to export it into a .svg file and then opened it in inkscape, but it turns out to be larger than intended too. What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance, Valentina

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I print mine to pdf which creates a lot of A4 pages with portions of the pattern on each. Once you have glued them all together, the pattern is the size in the drawing board.

Here’s a topic where I explained the process: Printing pdf single page - Printing - Seamly Forum

Thank you, Grace! I haven’t actually tried to print it, since I need to have it first in different formats (namely, png and svg) for the purpose of adding details to the pattern (with inkscape) and including it in a technical description of the garment (in word). I need to have it scaled down at a given scale, but the result is not what I want. Any clue?

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I’d create a small square of set dimensions somewhere on the pattern, say 2.5cm x 2.5cm, create a layout piece for this square and then export to svg.

When you open the svg in Blender or Illustator, you can resize everything until this square is exactly the dimensions that you made it. Then you can add all your details.

Another option would be to save it to pdf and then open the pdf pages in Blender or Illustrator and add the details to each page, that way you will have your pattern pages intact and can add things so that they don’t get split over the page breaks. It just depends on how you intend to use the pattern… directly to the cutter or printed in pages.

Sorry, Blender = Inkscape

Ok, I will do so. I thought there might be some way to do it automatically which I was overlooking. Thank you!

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