Pattern Polargraph



Hi there, I am working on a hanging wall pattern plotter, build with a raspberry pi 3. I just wanted to show you the progress…

My video on Youtube: Pattern Polargraph, Youtube

If there is anybody who can help me 3d building the gondel (that thing where the pen is placed) I would be very happy.

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Hi @tailor_s (what name should we use?) This is awesome. You should add your project to


Call me Sven :wink: I will, but first I want to make it working perfect and finishing the project…


Hackaday helps you recruit people to work on your project.


Ah, thank you, good to know :slight_smile:


Hi Sven,


What exactly do you mean “3D building”? Do you need it modeled or are you asking for someone to 3D print the parts that you have already modeled?

And I second the use of Hackaday; it is very helpful resource.


Do you know the mdrawbot from makeblock? This is a similar approach. Tried it out two years ago, but it did not work well, mainly due to the bad Software. Makeblock is not well into Open Source, especially not well into Linux.

Therefore this Kit ended in the cupboard after trying :confused:

If you manage to separate X/Y precisely and adapt it well so the printout will have precise dimensions, you are the hero!


I did build a smaller version of a look-a-like printer. The problem that maybe arrise with a printer of this size will be the precision of the lines.

If you want to continue with this printer I should advice to add 3 rods guiding the pen. 2 diagonal from the utmost top-left and utmost top-right and 1 from the center at the bottom upright. Rods and bearings are used a lot in 3D-printers. It requires a flexible attachment of the rods on one side and three (ball-)bearings at the moving gondel around the pen. Succes, Hans


Hi kirakira, no, I need it modeled, but I still have to do some more tests about the weight the gondel needs. But I Know where to 3d print it…


Hi Hans,

I’m not shure if rods are a good option. It’s a v-plotter and not a normal plotter wich are more expensive. I will do my testing and we’ll see what happens. But I am confident, somehow :wink:

anyway, thanks for your advice


Hi Buggi,

yes, I know the mdrawbot, but it works with cord, wich is imprecise when it winds up. Therfore I’ve chosen GT2 Belt. It’s not flexible and if the pen-holder is heavy enough it should work… I think 70 % depend on the hardware. (for accurade measurements)


Now I have tested a bigger version of the polargraph, It’s almost perfect… The x axis now has just a inaccuracy of 0,75%, that’s 5mm on a meter. I have some ideas wich I have to test to solve this problem… But all lines are parallel and the angle is always 90°. So I think I’m on a good way


You have done an incredible job. Nice result, CONGRATULATIONS. Keep us posted.


Thank you, I’m still optimizing :slight_smile:


It took a while… here are some new pictures :slight_smile:



Wird hochgeladen…


and a video…