Multisize Pattern drawing



Hi All.

I am new on Valentina. I can draw individual pattern without any problem. Now i would like to draw pattern various sizes without creating new pattern file. I think it is possible but i do not actually get it. Opening tape and choose standard and after that i could not fully get it. Please help me on this.

Sorry for my language. English isn’t my 1st language.


Hi @Marley, The subject is a little large to explain in detail here on the forum so here’s a link to the Tape PDF that covers quite a lot:

And here is the wiki tutorial of the multisizes:

You need to have a standard measurement list to create one. I’m sure you’ll manage with these 2 links but if you have any more specific problems, please ask. Someone will be sure to help you.



@Grace is definitely the expert in how to use tape, especially the multisize features. She literally wrote the book on it.

I approach the problem differently - I avoid using multisize files. You can use the same pattern (.val) file and have it use different measurement files. Just create a separate measurement (.vit) file for each person you want to fit. Then open valentina with the pattern and click “Measurements” in the top menu and “load individual” in the drop down menu. Enter the name of the new .vit file and those measurements will replace the first set and the pattern will be adjusted.

This will only work if you have based the points in your individual pattern on MEASUREMENTS, and not put in numeric values. If you have any problem making this work, please use this forum to upload the .val file and .vit files that you use. Someone will help. I have attached a screenshot. The red arrow points to the icon that you click to upload a file.


Yes you need to create the standard multisize table which contains the sizes that you need. Unfortunately at this time we can only make multisize tables based on height and chest sizes for men! The capability to adjust height to the range of a child, or adjust the chest to the range of women isn’t available. This feature is incomplete.