Mirrored piece when printing

Hi Seamly users!

I come to you because i have encountered a little problem using the software: some pattern pieces, even seems to get mirorred when printed. Even though they are displayed correctly in draft and piece mode, exporting to Layout mode mirrors some parts of the pattern, maybe there is a setting I haven’t figured out? And in general, is there any way to adapt the position of pieces on the layout?

Thanks you so much for your time :cherry_blossom: have a wonderful day


Hi! Thanks for bringing this question up!

Have you tried going to the Pattern section of the Application Preferences? There’s a checkbox for “Forbid flipping” in the Workpiece section. Hopefully that does it! I haven’t played with it, because I haven’t done anything that minds getting flipped around.

We’d love to hear how it works for you!

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Yup. That’s the solution. If you don’t forbid flipping, the layout engine will try to get the best fit on the given layout paper size by flipping or rotating pattern pieces. Obviously if you have specific left or right pieces, you don’t want them flipped.

The rotating of layout pieces is a topic for a future Marker mode/ app.