Me podeis orientar con Inkscape

Hola estoy pasando los patrones de Seamly a Inkscape. Solo necesito información de las personas que trabajan así también y es saber si se pueden crear dos hojas en un mismo documento, me sería muy útil. He estado revisando videos sobre este programa y no se ver por donde encontrarlo, soy novata en casi todo :sweat_smile:

Gracias, Pilar

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Hi @pilar

The one way to do this in to play with the settings in the Layout. Instead of using roll paper, use the smallest sheet of paper that your largest pattern piece will fit on. This will place your pattern on as many sheets as is necessary.

Another way is to choose the pattern pieces that you want on one sheet, you may then use the roll paper, create your Inkscape page and then go back and choose the 2nd sheet pattern pieces. You choose the pattern pieces by ‘turning them on or off’ in Detail mode. See the image below:

I hope this helps you :slight_smile:

Hola Gracia, Haciendo eso sigo consiguiendo una hoja solo en Inkscape, yo lo que busco es crear dos hojas cada una con sus patrones.:sweat_smile: Se puede hacer??? Gracias, por ayudarme, no sabia que podía seleccionar en Seamly los patrones que quisiera, eso si que lo he aprendido.:sonriendo:


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Ah! Sorry, @pilar :slight_smile: That thought never crossed my mind.

I had to Google it. Here is a link to an extension for Inkscape to add pages and margins, etc.:

I haven’t tried it yet, only downloaded it. I’ll try it this evening after work :slight_smile:

Just to let you know, @pilar, I tried that extension and it won’t install on my Windows 10 PC. But you may be able to do something using Layers in Inkscape without downloading any program that won’t work, anyway.



And then you can Show/Hide layers.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Gracias por tu atención, Pilar :slightly_smiling_face:

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