Line of given length intersecting with a curve



My pattern drafting method (Rundschau: Muller & Sohn) uses a line of a certain length (in this case the shoulder length), starting from a fixed point on one curve and ending on a certain point on another curve. The point can be anywhere on that other curve as long as the length is the length needed. How do I do this in Seamly?

I managed to draw the two curves, and used segment an arc to place the first, non variable, point (A30) on the lower arc. How do I proceed to get a line with a given length to intersect with the curve above it (A31)? Right now, the length isn’t correct and I need a method that will do this every time the pattern will be “graded” with new shoulder length measurements.

Maybe @KarenC can help, as I noticed she has drawn a jacket body using Muller & Sohn?




Did you use arcs to draw those curves? I would use arc in point A30 with shoulderlength as radius, and after that “point of intersection arcs” (under the arc functions) to get to point A31, then connect those points with “line between points” (under the line functions) (I used a bezier in my drawing).


This worked! Than you very much!±


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