Layout - Getting one pattern piece over multiple pieces of paper

I am struggling to figure out how to have one pattern piece go over multiple sheets of paper. I only have an A4 printer and have pattern pieces bigger than one sheet of A4 paper. I know in most online paper patterns, the pieces come over multiple sheets of paper that you collate to create one whole piece. Is doing this possible? Thanks in advance!


Hello @Tow.mrent! Welcome to Seamly!

Yes, it is possible to do this. First you layout on whatever size of paper it will fit on, then navigate to the Layout submenu in the File menu, & choose one of the “tiled” options. I like preview, because there are often blank edge pages & I can see which ones to not print.

I hope this helps! If you need furthur clarification, (I know the print preview dialog can get confusing,) a forum search might turn up something, or just give us a holler.


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THis was a tip given by Grace on 6/2/22 on A2 layout for printing. How can I get my A2 layout to tile to 4 pdf pages?

Hope it helps.