Italian translation


Oh, wow! that’s wonderful :smile: and Yes, please, all the “Valentina” needs to be changed to “Seamly2D”.

When you are done, you can post it here or add it to the Wiki at the same place as the English one for people to download. Perhaps add “Italian” to the name and the description. I’m sure many people will be very happy.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Hi @Ichigolab!


You are awesome!


I cannot find how to upload the italian traslation of the guide I post it here Seamly2D - Italiano.pdf (2.9 MB)

Can I translate also SeamlyMe guide? Anyone can send me an modifiable file


Oh, WOW!!! thank you very much, @ichigolab. :heart::heart::heart:

The Tape Manual. rar is a bit higher up in this conversation. Let me know if you have any problems with it :slight_smile:


Oh, it looks wonderful :slight_smile: Thank you again.

You can download it from the front page of the wiki:


I just noticed that in that italian page

there is the link of a spanish manual, I can’t change it


I had a look and I can’t find where to change it, either. The English link works fine :frowning:


I have just send a request on transifex to translate the program. I hope it will be soon totally translated in italian, where unfortunately many people don’t speak a foreign language; to have a software translated could be extremely helpful to boost small garment business.



Thank you @luca_lavore, I’m sure someone will come back to you soon :slight_smile:


Even if the Transifex translation project name is still “Valentina”, my new strings will added on seamly 2d, right?


@luca_lavore I believe you need to get an answer from @slspencer on this issue. There will be a new translation provider and I am unaware of the schedule for implementing that


@luca_lavore Yes the Valentina users will be very happy to have an Italian translation. Thank you, and we’re working to have a separate translation for Seamly2D.


I’ve just seen that seamly translation is on

I will give my help also there


I added some Italian translations on crowdin.


Thank you.

We have also added the start of a list of sewing term translations to our glossary wiki, if you’d like to take a look and perhaps add the Italian terms to the few that are already there and perhaps add a few more that you can think of, please:


Done. I changed Pivot point (punto di rotazione), dart (ripresa), seam (cucitura), seam allowance (margine di cucitura). Is this enough?


Thank you. That’s perfect. If you can think of any other terms that need to be listed there, please don’t hesitate to add them. :slight_smile: