Italian translation


Hi I’m traducing right now in italian the homepage of Wiki If I want to translate also the software can i do? in wich way?


Hey @ichigolab,

Thanks for the offer to translate the wiki! Fantastic!

For software translations please look here: Transifex.


Well done, that will help other users. I’m English and speak some Italian (35 years ago I was almost fluent!) If you need any help, give me a shout. Traddure=To translate


thanks! it is very important to me this because this software help me a lot, and in this moment this is the only way for me to say thank you for your work

sorry my english is very bad :sweat_smile:


I can help with Italian, too. My English is not very bad, but I help myself with Wordreference. I translated years ago something in Transifex, so I don’t know if I am registered there.


Does anyone want to work on the user manual on the wiki?


I’m thinking about it, but i’m still learnig how to use the software… LOL


Oh, writing or translating a manual is a wonderful way to learn how to use the software :wink:


I can translate something of the user manual. In these days I am preparing videos about pattern making and improving my blog with Wordpress. But I want to help.


I downloaded the manual in pdf the other day, as soon as I have a moment I translate it all and reload it;)


If you’d like the word documents, I can send them. It may be easier to translate the .doc


oh god yes please :heart_eyes:


Tape Manual.rar (2.3 MB)

Sorry, had to zip it up to upload it.

Valentina E-Book : Version Française?

Valentina Manual - New.rar (3.2 MB) , Have fun :slight_smile:


Will you also make changes to the English one, please? Like change the name and perhaps standardize the cover to Seamly2D so that it looks the same in both languages? I was going to do that over the holidays :slight_smile:


sure send me an e-mail with all the changes :wink:


Hmmmm, yes, well there won’t be any since I can’t download new test builds to add new features to the manual.


I know it’s just semantics… but it’s not that you can’t download new test builds, but rather there are no new “Seamly2D” test builds to download at this time while the name changes to the new fork shakes out. :frowning:


Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:


ok, it takes me more time that i expect, i’m done with the translation, but i need to test it if it is ok… how can i do? I posted here or by creating a new topic? Another question i must change every “Valentina” with “Seamly2D”???