Issue #518: New feature: Flip piece in Detail mode

New issue 518: New feature: Flip piece in Detail mode

Susan Spencer:

Inkscape has Flip Horizontal and Flip VerticalFlipWorkpieceInDetailMode.png

This ability to flip a detail piece then using Union Tool, would improve the workflow for creating a shirt facing or pants fly.

I would also urgently need this feature as the union tool does not work on piecers where i.e. the right part of every piece should put together. The union tool then always flips one piece upside down and not from left to right and that is of no use. Flip/mirror left-right would work for me, flip up-down does the union tool automatically as described above.

YES PLEASE!! Because sometimes you don’t want to place your pattern along the fold line (although you draw it like that). I would be so nice if you could draw the piece along the fold line. Then create it twice(in detail mode), flip one of them horizontally and then use the union tool to make it into one piece. Using the union tool to flip pieces doesn’t work, it attaches one of the pieces upside down to the other.(like Buggi mentioned) Now I’m using Illustrator to join the pieces…which is quite a lot of work. I really hope there will be more features added to the detail mode!

other then this, Valentina works awesome :wink:

This feature will not be implemented.

Use Flipping in Draw mode instead.

Yes about that… I just downloaded the testversion of Valentina including the ‘operation tools’. (to flip my drawing), after reading up on the forum more.

What I want to do: The small piece of my pattern (the part that is along the foldline) flipped. To use the union tool in Detail-mode and have an “unfolded” patternpiece. How I would like to get there: Going into detail mode, click the piece, select a ‘duplicate’ option and then a ‘flip’ option. Done! How it is possible with the testversion: Go in drawing mode, hold the commandkey whilst selecting the points and curves I want to flip, click enter, click the two points I want to use as an axis. And then, after redrawing the lines between the points, I have the flipped version in draw mode. Great. But then the problem arrises that all the directions of the curves are also reversed. (not clockwise anymore), so I need to delete all the curves and redraw them in a clockwise direction to be able to make a pattern piece again. This is quite a roundabout way?

The thing is, I’m not using the patterns to print on paper, otherwise I would just do the flipping manually (no problem~), I export the final patterns in .pdf to .ai and then directly lasercut them on the fabric.

Anyways, is it really that difficult to implement it in the Detail mode? Because I would think you just need to reverse the array of the points taken for the detail

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This is not a problem at all. Use Reverse option when you select a curve.

could you please explain me where I can find the reverse option? Cheers :smile:

@Brig Right click on a detail piece, select Options, in the Main Path tab there is a list of objects which form the outline of the piece. Right click on the counterclockwise curve in the list. Select Reverse in the popup menu. The curve’s entry in the list will now be prefixed with a dash or minus sign -, and the curve should now look like a curve instead of a straight line.

To reverse a curve when you create a detail piece, press SHIFT when selecting the curve. The Seam Allowance tool’s status bar messages are excellent.

Great! Hahaha took me I while(I have the language on Dutch), but that works. cheers!


Brig, zou jij me dat in het Nederlands uit kunnen leggen?

I asked Brig to translate it for me in Dutch.

This is the best I could do to translate into Dutch, hope this helps!

Klik met de rechtermuisknop op een detail stuk, selecteer opties, in de tabblad Main pad er is een lijst van objecten die vormen van de omtrek van het stuk. Klik met de rechtermuisknop op de tegen de klok in curve in de lijst. Selecteer omgekeerde in het pop-up menu. De curve item in de lijst zal nu worden voorafgegaan door een liggend streepje of minteken -, en de curve ziet er nu als een curve in plaats van een rechte lijn.

Als u wilt een curve omkeren wanneer u een detail stuk maakt, drukt u op SHIFT bij het selecteren van de curve. De naad toelage van het hulpprogramma voor zoekwoorden statusberichten bar zijn uitstekend.

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