Help for very very beginners!


Hi there, I have been trying to draw a very first simple skirt pattern, but the Software does not work as I see in the Video tutorials. Is there anyone in Berlin, Germany, that works with Valentina and could give me personaly some first lessons PLEASE?


Hi, @HeloCortes, there are some very detailed tutorials in the wiki… here’s a very simple one that I created: Bodice Block, Leena’s Patternmaker - Seamly2D

It’s for a bodice sloper, but you should learn quite a bit from it.

You will find other tutorials here: Block Pattern tutorials - Seamly2D

We are still working on the tutorials and upload them as we complete them.

It may be an idea to glance through the Tape manual to get an idea about creating the measurement files:

If you have any other questions, we are all here to help you so please don’t hesitate to ask.

I hope this helps you until you find someone in Berlin who can give you lessons :slight_smile:


Hi, Grace, thanks a lot for your support, I will check the links you sent me later, now I need a break, I´ve been sitting here since hours… And got nothing done :frowning: I got some sewing to do!


Hi @helocortes! The videos are very old.
We need new short video tutorials for each tool, plus new workflow bideos for creating the simple one-piece and two-piece patterns.
As we are an open source community, the users develop the code, documentation, tutorials, wiki, videos, blog posts, everything!
Typically when a user decides they need something, they will create the item that they need. They ask the othe users on the firum for feedback, instructions, how to get started, which tools to use, etc.


Once the project is rebranded, this is something I can contribute to. It would be a change of scenery from the usual video I’m editing. :slight_smile:


I made a video, it’s in Italian but with English subtitles. It is about a basic skirt:

When the project is rebranded, I can help with videos. I think that videos with audio are better, but it is possible to make video without audio but with subtitles in English.