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Bonsoir à tous,

Je viens de créer mon buste de base grâce à Valentina et, je souhaite maintenant y ajoutez les pinces notamment la pince bretelle mais je n’arrive pas à créer l’angle dont j’ai besoin. Comment obtenir un angle de 72° à partir du point A20 comme montré sur l’image ?

Par avance merci beaucoup.

Hi, First, i’m sorry, i’m not a good english speaker. I made a basic bodice thanks to Valentina and now, I want to add my darts. I don’t know how to create a angle of 72°. How to have a 72° angle by the A20 point ? I tried to put 252° ( 180+72° ) but it’s not look good.

Thanks for helping me



Step 1 - Create a line connecting A20 to A11 and extend it as long as you wish using the Point at Distance along Line Tool.

Step 2 - Using the Point at Distance and Angle Tool, create a line as long as you wish, using the angle formula of AngleLine A20 - A21 plus 72



Just use the Point intersect line and Axis… Select points A11 and A8… then select Point A17 and you can swing the axis to what ever angle you want - in this case AngleLine_A11_A8 + 180 + 72. A new point will be added on Line_A11_A8.

Here’s an example using one of my patterns… PLIA


Thanks a lot for your answers. I made it :smiley: