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Spent the last week getting generally familiar with the software, making my bodice basic blocks. Question: I have looked around and wondering ……where can I find downloadable basic block patterns? I went to the pattern site ( , and made an account, but I am unable to log in or reset the account……what’s the best way as a beginner to collect patterns that others have made?


Hello, @ValerieB

I uploaded a basic easy fitting bodice from Winifred Aldrich’s book on this topic: Valentina E-Book : Version Française? - #8 by Grace that you’re welcome to download & fiddle with as a starting point.

Keep trying the my pattern cloud. I know that @MrDoo has been busy with it from time to time lately, because I couldn’t get into it a while back, but now I can.

I don’t know that anyone would just give you their pattern that they are selling. The idea is for you to develope your own basic blocks and then use the pattern making methods to create your own unique designs. I have huge fun doing this. I find a picture of something that I like and draw my own design from it, open my basic pattern & go to work, moving darts, inserting pleats, adjusting lengths, whatever is needed.

Try it out on that Aldrich pattern. :grinning:

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What would be useful is to make accessible the basic block(s) for various pattern systems. For example, the Croonberg Supreme systems (Blue and Red) pretty much use the same block that all the various styles start from. I would guess the same holds true for most systems.

One thing I can see is that by creating these basic blocks to a standard - for ex same point naming convention and colors used - is it would make sharing / using / buying patterns from others easier. In other words I see developing a Seamly standard way of doing things.

Also by providing standardized basic blocks we can help address that “Creating the First Mile” for new users. :slight_smile:

BTW… I should note that there is a bunch of patterns that are included in the source code, but not the distros. Maybe we should package some of those with the distros? For example, the pants from Timo really helped me early on to grasp the idea of the blocks, creating multiple pattern pieces from a single block, and how to use Groups to show / hide various objects in a block.


I agree with both points. As a rank beginner I can see it’s exciting to create your own patterns, but also I don’t have much expertise so I would learn a lot from examining patterns that had been put together by experts.

I learned a lot —like how to set up pieces against standard measurements - from the A line skirt @AndrewBuck shared…. Yes @Douglas if there available files exist…it would be amazing if the program would just shipped with all the basic blocks included!

Making your own block is a huge barrier to adoption for a beginner…. But being able to start with a competent basic block jumps a beginner ahead to the fun stuff!

I built my own bodice blocks last week but they are super janky…


Also @Grace thanks for sharing the file! :heart: I will definitely download and learn from it!!!

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….and also…are there people selling seamly patterns?? If so, where?

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None that I know of. They are using Seamly to create the patterns or garments for sale.

@MrDoo has been gathering a number of the different pattern system basic blocks on the my pattern cloud. I did a whole set of Armstrong and put it on there - bodice, trousers, skirt, sleeve, etc. You are very welcome to add my Aldrich & Armstrong basics to whichever, if you wish.

Hee-hee, this one is still a work in progress :grinning:

Excellent. It’s great that there are Seamly resources available, like patterns on the pattern cloud, videos on YouTube, some user facebook pages, or even on the Seamly wiki, etc… having been a newbie at one point though I can sympathize with trying to find information to get familar with the apps - without having to search outside of Seamly . Net.

That being said, again I can see either packaging some basic pattern (blocks) with the distros and / or creating a splash screen that points a new user to links (on Seamly) to get patterns, videos, how to’s, app updates, etc.


@Grace @Douglas is it possible for me to find/download the “whole set of Armstrong” blocks that @grace mentions?

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Here you go, @ValerieB. I must just mention that I have not tested this pattern as it was created a few years ago while I was studying the book.

Armstrong Basic Blocks (2).val (123.3 KB)

Armstrong Measurements - Size 14a.vit (3.7 KB)

Have fun :grinning:

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