Change Line Width/Weight (and Color)

Is there any way to change the width/weight of Lines? And maybe even the color of the Lines as well? I feel like it would be easier on the eyes if the lines were a little heavier and or the colors of the lines were brighter. They’re kinda hard to see on the white background sometimes. I couldn’t find any open issues addressing this, but maybe it would be a good idea. I know there is an idea to implement a Night Mode (which I would be in favor of). But I don’t know if this addresses the actual line width or color. I would even be open to hacking my installation of the program if someone knows what file and what area of the file controls the line weight and color selections.


We have color choices for lines, but this is not yet available for curves or arcs. Line thickness is important, and this feature would be an improvement.

Indeed, I have noticed the line color options, but I still find them hard to see well on the white background (unless zoomed further in). I suppose line weight would be a marked improvement. But in addition, I wonder if we could make a line weight that scaled based on zoom distance/amount. Because as stated, it’s mostly when “zoom fit best” that some of the lines are difficult to perceive.

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An option to increase line weight would allow lines to be seen in zoomed out mode.