"Add new pattern piece" tutorial

Hey Seamly-Newbies,

Next to rotating objects and defining new darts, I also just finished a video demonstrating how to use the “add new pattern piece” tool.

If mods don’t mind, I’ll leave the link here: https://youtu.be/RErfq6aIOZs.

I created a pattern piece out of my newly rotated bodice by clicking on the tool, then grabbing the nodes and curves in a clockwise fashion. Remember to grab each and every portion of your curves so your pattern piece does not come up looking wonky.


Thanks for the video(s). :slight_smile:

Just thought I’d make one comment… I happened to notice that you have all the toolbars collapsed - not sure if you’re aware, but you can stack toolbars, hide or show individual toolbars, or move them to another dock position. By rearranging the toolbars you may find it easier to access the tools within a toolbar.

For ex: Here I have all the toolbars expanded, stacked 3 high, with the Toolbox toolbar docked to the left of the Toolbox docker. Normally I would close the Toolbox docker as it takes up a lot of space.


Thanks Douglas, you’re right, my toolbar layout could look better, it looks very nice in your Screenshot. I wasn’t sure whether the current release would even run on my 2010 MacBook, so I didn’t even bother with „furnishing the room“ so to speak :joy: