Zoom in/out step sizes

I use a projector to “draw” the pattern on the fabric, and to cut it out. To get the measurements right I make a dummy square of 50x50cm and zoom the pattern in the Valentina details window to match real size on the projected pattern. Sometimes zooming in goes a couple of cm too big, and out 2cm too small. At times it is spot on. Is there a Valentina file where I could half the zoom steps and get better accuracy. (My projector does not have a zoom option. I would need to move the fabric/floor/table/wall/projector to zoom, which is tricky. Neither have I found a simple solution in Ubuntu screen settings. )

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Hmm. What about exporting as pdf and open it in Envince or better LibreOffice or so? There you can zoom, in LibreOffice you could choose the ratio.

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I can see changes immediately in (near)full scale when projected from Seamly. Less software variables to manage and shorter iteration time, less work.


How do you keep the projector perfectly perpendicular to the surface of the fabric? Do you have dummy squares at each corner to make sure the perspective does not warp toward different edges?

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Please add an issue to the issues list on [github](GitHub - FashionFreedom/Seamly2D: Open source patternmaking software. :slight_smile:

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Not that I haven’t used a projector to make patterns for costumes… usually for mocking up large mascots… I can’t see this method being that accurate for anything that needs accuracy.

In any case… The zoom scale in the program is irrelevant. I would just draw a scale reference in the pattern… like a 50mm long line, then just move the projector in/out until the image on the fabric is 50mm long.

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The zoom in Valentina is in steps, so I see the benefits of what @wetdesign is asking for.

I agree that there needs to be more zoom options… it’s already something I’ve put in my version of the program.

I’m just pointing out - assuming the projector can move - the accuracy of the Zoom on the screen is irrelevant. The analogy is photography… if you can’t zoom the lens to where you want… just move yourself… ie: the camera.

Douglas, projectors are typically fixed, and there are less uncontrolled variables when they are. Inaccuracy still comes from choice of fabric, drawing on the fabric and manual cutting.

The procedure I use is as quoted

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Do you need continuous zooming in order to match the size precisely?

Continuous (minimal steps) could be handy but for my designs, the fabric I use and the way I cut a +/- 1cm error appears. For tight fit small sizes and non stretching fabric high precision might be helpful. I did try to register on GitHub, and add a request, but did not receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to click on.

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What precision level do you need?

Right now on my notebook screen one zoom step is approximately 4mm. Steps of 2mm would fill my needs. ( Another approach is a 1mm function to adjust one of the zooms to match 1:1 with realworld scale on the fabric. Zooming has no relevance when cutting. )