You write it, I'll edit it

I have NO CLUE how to use Valentina yet, but a lot of graphics and sewing experience. I just want to make doll patterns for Etsy.

I am an experienced technical writer and editor and accustomed to working with developers whose first language is not English, and documenting software I don’t know how to use yet.

I’m also good at editing everyday English into “global English” so it is easier to translate or for readers with limited English skills to understand. Here’s a link to the sort of English I produce:

A look at the forum indicates we probably could start filling up a spreadsheet (unless there is one, in which case it needs to be linked from the user manual and the forum) for the definition of terms, and translating the names of things and the actions of the software so my “gathers” become “las fronces” instead of “les réunions”. It’s the input for things like button labels and list members so text strings don’t get hard-coded and can be re-used.

If there is a location where the text strings can be proofread and fixed, please let me know. I know how to use revision control, as long as you keep the text strings in a consistent place.

If you are using translation software, I can download it and use it. (I have used Trados)


documentation exists on a wiki and in (at least) 2 downloadable pdf files. It is a work in progress. Try looking here:

I am working on a complete set of tutorials for an arbitrary pattern system (McCunn) and please see the sleeve block for the first piece I have started to document Block Pattern tutorials - Seamly2D

also see Pattern Systems - Seamly2D and click on the word McCunn near the bottom of that page. I am not happy with the structure of the WIKI in this area because I have difficulty finding the overview of McCunn’s measurements and seeing how it ties to the sleeve block tutorial (I wrote both and @slspencer is trying her best to keep organizing the pages as fast as I write them. @Grace wrote the two ebooks. Both Grace and slspencer have been quite busy with the demands for “real time” response to user questions on the forum. I am a relative newby to the project and I have “bursts of enthusiasm” interrupted by real world demands on my time

I meant to include a pointer to Seamly2D the main page and overlooked it. I suspect you are able to figure out how to find the main page if you look at the left column of options on the wiki

i hope that @slspencer will have the time to discuss with you what she sees as the overall structure for documentation. She is the visionary behind the Valentina project

Hi @TsuDhoNimh!
I added a Glossary page on the Wiki.
If you’re interested, and anyone else, please create an account on the wiki, and start adding terms to this table if you wish.

Glossary - Seamly2D

{cue blare of trumpets from the heavens}

Thank you for your kind offer! May I direct you to the thread on ‘Measurement Foundations’ as a good place to start contributing to the discussion?

In case you are unaware of its existence, there is what I have heard referred to as “old wiki” ValentinaTeam / Valentina / wiki / manual / v0.3.0 / Content — Bitbucket

Actually, I like the structure and flow of the user manual on “old wiki”. Also, @Grace has done an excellent job of capturing new features that were added later in the PDF manual. If anyone wanted to go through the “old wiki” user manual and update it with what Grace has documented I believe it would be a truly useful manual. I can volunteer to do this, but only after I finish what I have already volunteered to do, which should be sometime around 2019

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