Wrong values in gost ru


may be you entered waist_to_highhip_f and waist_to_hip_f wrong couse waist_to_hip_f must be bigger


and the waist_circ base value seems wrong. 78 is for size 48 not for size 50 according to aldrich’s book


please review this file all of the measurements


This is russian government standard. How Aldrich’s book is connected to this ???!!!

Create your own table according to aldrich’s book.

The values are correct, but probably names were selected wrongly.


@jzabihi, thank you for your bug report. As i suggested we just selected wrong measurements. Correct imaged on this image:

These are measurement 78 and 79. Looks like we don’t that them in our database. @slpencer can you find time to add them?


just think about it in size 50 means bust circ 100 then waist 78 means russian boys seems totally super hero sport mans? thats not weareable pants


Okay, i will look again.


Who said that? The description says standard measurements of man.:slight_smile:

And i checked the value. It is correct.


dismine, just a matter of curiosity, where do you get Russian standard sizes from? What I have seen so far (including those labeled as a Russian state standart is that for bust 100 the waist is 82+ cm, but of cause I am no way specialist in Russian sizing
PS: I am not saying that Russian guys do not look like super heros :wink:


Internet. Don’t ask me why data is how it is now. Don’t have any clue.:slight_smile:


#78 = A23 (height_waist_back)
#79 = A12 (height_highhip)
New measurement = height_waist_back_to_highhip = (A23 - A12)
This is how it will be entered in Valentina’s Known measurements.

In Individual measurement .vit files: height_waist_back_to_highhip will be derived from height_waist_back and height_highhip. Because the only way to achieve this measurement using a tape measure (with reproducible results) is to measure height_waist_back, then measure height_highhip, then subtract height_highhip from height_waist_back.

In Multisize table .vst files: height_waist_back_to_highhip field name can be selected from the Known Measurements picklist, but the formula relating it to A23 and A12 will not be selected. This is because all measurement values in the base size are known prior to creating the multisize table, so this formula is not needed.


Which Aldrich book are you using, we can look up the standard publication for that book.
Aldrich’s data tables are typically excerpts from the British BR EN standards. They are not the full standard tables, they are a sample.


Sorry, but this is incorrect.

We need horizontal measurements, but those are vertical.



page 12


So @jzabihi, you use Aldrich’s “Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear”. As your link shows, she references the British Standard BS-6185 › Specification for size designation of men’s wear from 1982 (current). The British Standards don’t match the Russian standards, this is typical of standards.

Within the men’s standard, there are variations. Her tables have different size methods and target groups, designers pick the measurment set which best fits their target market:

Size denoted by chest circumference:

  1. Young men with atheltic figure, intervals/steps of 4cm
  2. Mature men of regular height, intervals/steps of 4cm
  3. Young men with athletic figure, intervals/steps of 5cm

Size denoted by S, M, L, XL:

  1. Athletic figures, regular height, intervals/steps of 8cm


Okay so we need two new indentation measurements in group C Indent.
These new measurements would be:
C04 indent_waist_back_2, based on yardstick placed vertically at shoulder blade tip
C05 indent_waist_back_3, based on yardstick placed vertically at back hip protrusion

(C02 indent_waist_back is based on yardstick placed from shoulder blade tip to back hip protrusion)

So we need an issue in bitbucket for these 2 measurements.


Yes. Do you need original descriptions?


It would be good to provide all information exactly as you want it to appear


78 — глубина талии первая Гт1 — измеряют по горизонтали расстояние от вертикальной плоскости, касательной к выступающим точкам лопаток, до линейки, приложенной горизонтально к продольным мышцам спины па уровне талии.

79 — глубина талии вторая Гт2 — измеряют по горизонтали расстояние от вертикальной плоскости, касательной к ягодичным точкам, до линейки, приложенной горизонтально к продольным мышцам спины на уровне линии талии.

78 — first waist depth — measure horizontally the distance from the vertical plane tangent to the protruding points of the blades, to the ruler applied horizontally to the longitudinal muscles of the back at the level of the waist.

79 — second waist depth — measure the horizontal distance from the vertical plane tangent to the gluteal points, to the ruler applied horizontally to the longitudinal muscles of the back at the level of the waist line.

Sorry for google translate. Hope someone fix this.