Would SeamlyMk be Advisable?

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That would basically be a vector drawing program highly specialized towards Marking, (& working with VALs,) both in a “to print” & a “to plotter/cutter” manner, verdad?

I’m pretty bad/slow at weighting options, but as long as we have SeamlyMe, having SeamlyMark as a (semi)separate, specialized program seems to fit the MO quite handily.

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Or I was thinking even a bit more abstract… SeamlyMk.


That does seem like a good idea. Those of us (me) without experience on the “industrial” side of patternmaking would probably read it as SeamlyMake, which would require less esoteric knowledge to understand the basic idea of what it does.

The drawback I see to SeamlyMk is that there are no vowels in Mk, which makes it less memorable. For whatever that’s worth.

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Neither does 2D. That being said… May I refer to some industry leading products from Adobe… Ps - Photoshop, Pr - Premier, and Pf - Portfolio… also none of which have a vowel. One reason I’d go with Mk is for consistency - each module being identified by 2 letters. And like I put forth in another thread, I’d color code them. Trust me, the color would become more Identifiable than the name.


& here I thought 2s & Rs were vowels! :crazy_face:

My drawback is crushed as thoroughly as Ali Baba’s burrito.


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