Working area navigation; Pan and Zoom


I see that there was a request for a zoom to fit best that was quickly implemented, great job! Very useful, even if sometimes I feel that a little more buffer at the edges will be preferable… a little to close to the edge for my taste.

Anyway, my thought was, while working on my first patterns, that navigating the working area still seemed cumbersome without a focused zoom of some kind (with a shortcut to activate the function) rather than zooming in and having to scroll to the desired position, and a pan function to move around like the one invoked with the space bar in Illustrator or Inkscape for example…

Sorry if I sound spoiled, I am sure that once I settle in…

Thanks a lot!


Hold Ctrl and scroll mouse wheel.

Hold a middle mouse button and drag.


I don’t know what system you are using, but Ctrl + mouse wheel just zooms the whole screen on my Mac with the consequent loss of resolution or the normal access to the tools of the software, I don’t just want to zoom my whole screen, I was talking about the working area… Same goes for the pan “function”… I don’t think that users of Inkscape or Illustrator would find those alternatives very useful…


Don’t you think it is strange that shortcuts that i told you about affect your whole system rather than only Valentina window. This is definitely some sort of bug or conflict. We had similar report in past. I don’t know how to repeat this behaviour on my test machine.

Plus, can you try the same shortcuts with other applications to test the same behaviour?

This is because your Mac is not friendly to our program. :slight_smile: You should know that Mac port is second class citizen. I provide it as is. I don’t have a Mac. So, Mac specific bugs we fix if someone reports them.


Ok, understood. No problem, I have Linux installed in an old PPC Mac but I doubt it would run on it, or that it would be worth to try it. I wouldn’t call it a bug in any case, more like the feature hasn’t been properly ported to the Mac, which means that is actually Valentina the one not friendly to the Mac, but don’t worry, my Mac won’t have his feelings hurt by being called a 2nd class citizen… :wink: I guess I am settling in, I am starting to know the territory… and my place in it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have big doubts that this is the case. Qt applications have not possibility to change resolution for entire system. This is Mac feature. Setup your Mac properly.

Not really. You are to aggressive to cooperate with me.


I have big doubts that this is the case. Qt applications have not possibility to change resolution for entire system. This is Mac feature. Setup your Mac properly.

I didn’t say that this was a bug of Valentina, or the Mac. That is what I meant with “I don’t think is a bug”, simply that the software wasn’t optimized for the Mac. And since according to you the Mac is a 2nd class citizen, I accepted your answer (especially since I use both Inkscape and Illustrator that seem to use this functions in a similar way). Therefore, it seemed logical for me to infer that if Valentina considers the Mac a second class citizen it was Valentina not being nice to the Mac and not the other way around… wouldn’t you think?

But you are correct, and in case that it may be helpful to any other 2nd class citizens as dumb as me… :wink:, the accessibility features (which I didn’t know were on) were using the zoom shortcut, and my new Logitech mouse was setup to use the middle button for Mission Control (I just use the trackpad for that). So, thank you. It will definitely make a difference.

Not really. You are to aggressive to cooperate with me.

I don’t see how I am being aggressive, I haven’t stop apologizing since I got here for taking people’s time and being a pain with questions. Also, I added emoticons to make sure that what I said was understood and not taking it personally; Maybe it wasn’t. As I keep repeating, I am new here and don’t know the “neighborhood” and who does what, I just asked for some help, try to give some feedback (tricky thing to offer, I know) and offered to contribute into the “community” if, and in what I could, not necessarily you in particular, but in general. Didn’t expect to receive dismissive answers though. You said to me before, in another post, “This feature has low popularity. Most people do not understand it and don’t want to contribute to it.” but I did, and I perfectly understood your point in not wanting to invest your time and effort in some feature that people may not use, but I wasn’t forcing you to implementing anything, I just tried to explain why it would be a useful “feature” that would make the software more usable with what seemed to me (and pardon my ignorant assumption) not a big investment in programming effort and just a small detail. I didn’t think that I have to prove that I wanted it desperately enough rather than express a logic for it’s implementation, and I fully recognize and understand that you have a better perspective of the development than I could possibly pretend to have. Anyway, I am sorry if my feedback rubs you the wrong way and you find it aggressive, it wasn’t my intention. I guess I just keep it to myself.


Hi @Peregrin4, We’re a bit stressed around here lately, we’re trying to implement some big jobs that people have asked for. Thanks for your understanding. Your comments have been friendly and supportive, and insightful. As we don’t have a Mac platform to develop on, issues with the differences in Mac interface, language settings, keyboard settings, country locale, etc. have been difficult to troubleshoot. Running OSX in a virtual environment doesn’t duplicate these differences. So thanks for understanding.

If you know of anyone who is experienced in running a fund raiser, perhaps you could talk them into working on a big fundraiser for us. We need a new Mac, and some income for Roman.

Hang in there with us!

Best, Susan


Thanks, don’t worry, I understand. As for fundraising I don’t know anybody, although I have been recommending the software to the people that I know. I am also looking for income myself, maybe at some point I can be more supportive… :blush: Maybe I can help with the Spanish part, which I saw is not a 100%. I normally use software in English despite Spanish being my first language… but if that is something that I can do I would gladly dedicate some time to it. Wasn’t going anywhere though, but as I stated as I came, don’t want to be a pain either.

Thanks for the help and the work that you guys do.


Maybe you can take a look at this manual created for Arte Diez high school in Madrid. We really need an update. But its difficult for us to do this. If you could update this in Spanish, and provide english translation version, for the latest v.0.5.0 release this would be wonderful. Be warned, this manual was put together very strangely, so you’ll need to start from scratch with latest release of Valentina v.0.5.0 I will be very happy to help with this. If you’re interested, please private message me and we’ll start a new thread.


Ok!.. I guess there is no better way to learn and understand the stuff than having to go through the manual in that way. I did some pattern making studies in Zaragoza, Spain before moving to the US and graduating from FIT, so at least the Fashion terminology shoudn’t be different that the one in the manual… I hope! :wink: I’ll see what I can do.


There’s a background math section in the manual. Plus step-by-step instructions for beginning students, written by an educator. It is very good info, but it has crazy formatting issues.


Yes, I was just reading the intro… I will private message you then when I see more. It will probably be after Tuesday though… BTW, how do I send you a private message here?


Click on your icon in the upper right of the forum. Click on the envelope icon for ‘Messages’.