Windows installer for Valentina


Hi Denise!

Welcome to Valentina!

Here is the URL to the latest Valentina release for Windows:

Please join our forum at!forum/valentina-project-list. Introduce yourself and please tell us a bit about yourself. Post anytime on the forum if you have any installation issues, problems with implementing your pattern formulas into Valentina, or questions about how to use Valentina.

To help you get started, it may help to know that

There are 4 steps to creating a pattern:

  1. Create pattern piece with a name - Save as .val
  2. Draw points, curves, lines, using formulas - Save as .val
  3. Create the Details - seam allowances, notches, etc. - Save as .val
  4. Create a Layout - place pattern pieces on a paper layout. - Save or Export as .eps or .svg

Valentina is still in beta, and printing requires an additional program, Poster. To print:

  1. Install Poster.exe (printing in Valentina is in development)
  2. Save or Export your .val pattern file to .eps
  3. Convert your .eps pattern file to a multipage .eps file for A4-sized (letter-sized) paper for desktop printing: - Windows, run this command: poster.exe -v -mA4 -s1.0 mypattern.eps -o mypattern_multi.eps - Linux, run this command: poster -v -mA4 -s1.0 mypattern.eps -o mypattern_multi.eps

We hope to hear more from you soon!

Best, Susan Spencer Valentina Community Manager @ValentinaPSWOn Sat, Jan 31, 2015 at 9:59 PM, Denise wrote:


I am interested in using your software.

Do you have a windows installer that I can download?

Warm Regards,

Denise Eagle