Wiki multi-file upload



@slpencer, there is an available tool from described here: UploadWizard - MediaWiki. I believe this can be enabled as a mediawiki extension and will provide capability that @Grace is looking for to upload multiple image files in support of tutorial development.

Is there somebody else who should be dealing with this issue? If not, do you object if I figure out how and enable the mediawiki extension of uploadwizard?


@Grace, you said

Here’s one that I was looking at: Extension:MultiUpload - MediaWiki1

I saw that one too. The reason I did not want to install that one is that on their page, they say it is no longer maintained

I believe this one will work for us UploadWizard - MediaWiki and I am willing to install it as an extension to the wiki if nobody else is acting as the wiki admin. I am waiting for @slspencer to tell me whether I should be talking to someone else


I had a look at the Upload Wizard but it seems like a program one needs to install on your pc, which I didn’t want to do. You’ll know better than I do how all this works :slight_smile:


Hey i was talking to the Miraheze wiki people. We xan’t upload our pattern file because they detect the pattern formulas and block it ad possible malicious code. So we will move to another. Wiki soon.


I actually can see the wisdom in treating a .vit or .val like possible malicious code. I was trying to figure out some way to keep users from inadvertently “jumping” to those files if they are stored on the wiki. The best thing would be to have a handler that offered to let them execute a local program (like Valentina or TAPE) or just download them. Until I figure out how to resolve that I won’t try to put them on the wiki directly.

I like the idea of using the pattern cloud to upload and download pattern files but the GUI is pretty confusing for some. Jason (@MrDoo agreed to let me work with him on testing his GUI)


Hey, all. I’ve been testing out a couple of apps for multi-uploading, and have run into an issue: MultiUploader requires the users to be ‘autoconfirmed’, and, for some reason, that isn’t working in the wiki. Here is a list of the autoconfirmed users to date, yet ‘Accounts which are more than four days old are automatically promoted to the “autoconfirmed” group.’

I also checked out VicuñaUploader, and for the link it created (, I got this response from the wiki:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

<api servedby="mw2">

<error code="mustbeposted" info="The "login" module requires a POST request." xml:space="preserve">

See for API usage. Subscribe to the mediawiki-api-announce mailing list at &lt;; for notice of API deprecations and breaking changes.



Can someone check into this?


Keith, did you check into UploadWizard - MediaWiki ? I found that one by looking at the wiki provider miraheze and mediawiki - which I believe is the software that supports our wiki. I am not the expert on that, you would have to ask @slspencer, but I believe the upload wizard is a viable option unless Valentina is changing to a new wiki host.


I think that we will need something like that sooner than later, but for right now, can you please see why users aren’t being added to the ‘autoconfirm group’? That should allow MultiUploader to work, at least, and shouldn’t be too difficult.



I got VicuñaUploader working!!! I just had to open up the configuration file and change <server></server> to <server></server>. All forty images are now uploaded, easy as pie. WOOHOOOOO!!!


Oh, very well done!!! Thank you :smile:


Yes, thank you @KeithFromCanada!


did you build and run it per there instructions? do I have to do the same on my own local machine (client side) or does the tool work on the wiki server (server side)

I have my own batch of images from a tutorial that i was working on before real life tackled me halfway through and stole my momentum.


It runs client-side. It comes in a .zip file that you just unzip into a folder and double-click on the .jar file. It will create a file called ‘settings.vicuna’ that you open in a text editor and change the server name. Done.


Bleh! I’m not getting it right :frowning:


This is the first few lines of my settings.vicuna file: