Wiki-book on Pattern Drafting...Any Volunteers wanting to contribute?

Found that someone had started this over on English Wikibooks but it hadn’t progressed.

**Pattern drafting - Wikibooks, open books for an open world ** (Current link, as of 20th September, 2017)

Pattern drafting - Wikibooks, open books for an open world(old link)

So far there’s only been one pattern related draft added. It would be nice to expand on this, unless this was something planned for a Valentina specific Wiki.

(in uncategorized because it covered more than just patterns.)

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Just FYI: Dressmaking is the details of sewing seams and hems, placing zippers, adding piping and other decorative embellishments, etc. All of which comes during the production phase, which occurs after the design and patternmaking phases.

Designing --> Patternmaking --> Cutting --> Dressmaking

Unless you’re a tailor. LOL

Wasn’t the original target for version 1.0 “Make a dress”.

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Let’s wait for the new name before adding more things to our plate. Changing the name everywhere and all of the existing wiki will take quite some doing :frowning:

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Yeah the v1.0 issue was to make a multiple piece pattern for an entire dress, with all of the features in the pattern that it needs.

Yeah I think the intent in using the word ‘Dressmaking’ was to make a direct correlation to ‘Tailoring’. In both cases, the Design, Patternmaking, and Cutting phases happen before the Tailoring/Dressmaking phase.

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Actually the intent of the book was to cover Pattern Drafting in it as well as what you call the “production” phase. I’ve re-titled the work accordingly. Actually writing it using Valentina as an example tool , would be reasonable. Practically all large scale pattern manufacture now uses CAD/CAM so in illustrating a system it wouldn’t be inappropriate.

(off-topic). If someone wants to write ‘manuals’ on construction’ techniques for garments, and the production side, feel free, but I feel that would be best discussed elsewhere as it’s off topic here.

Alex Farlie

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