Why was I blocked?



Why was I blocked from commenting on your facebook page?


Hi @kd0afk, The Valentina facebook page allows anyone to post and to send messages. What is your facebook page?



Yeah it looks like it’s a FB issue.


did you take away people’s ability to comment on the FB page?


kd0afk, have you “liked” the facebook page? After reading your post here on the forum just now, I went to the facebook page and made an innocuous comment on one of the posts just to see that I could. I have no particular privileges on the facebook page, I am simply a facebook user and I “liked” the valentina facebook page several months ago when I first learned that it existed


It looks like you used the fword at us on facebook or youtube.


Well, there was probably a very good reason why I did. Probably because I couldn’t get anyone to answer any of my questions. But I guess you taught me an important lesson, huh? Now I’m sure not to hate you, WELL DONE.


You guys put out software for people to use but you provide little or no documentation on it, don’t answer people’s questions about it and you are insulted when people get pissed off about it? PLEASE, spare me the tender sensibilities.

  1. Nobody here owes anyone anything. This is a project based on our passion for sewing and pattern making, not to make money.
  2. The Facebook page appears to be for publicity and sharing interesting links. THIS is where questions should be asked, as THIS is where we expect them to be.
  3. ‘Us guys’ are still helping to develop Valentina, unpaid, and we have lives. Yes, there isn’t a lot of documentation. Yes, there are bugs and issues. Yes, we tend to answer questions, especially if they are asked politely, and the person has spent the time to show precisely what the problem is (screenshots/videos are helpful here.)
  4. We are ladies and gentlemen here and expect a certain standard of grownup behaviour. Swearing, insulting, and otherwise acting immaturely will be dealt with appropriately.

That being said…

  1. As we are reasonable adults, we can forgive rudeness. (We understand wild frustration; we have all dealt with it a few times.) Ask politely and see what happens.


Look, your sense of entitlement and hostility aren’t appreciated. This is not finished software. It’s also a community-lead open source project, and, as such, there is no dedicated support team. If you have a question, we welcome you to ask it here on the forum, but you need to be patient when waiting for a response.


Wow… such bitterness over free software… I don’t even know what to say,


I’m not bitter. I’m ticked off that people won’t help people and then act like jerks when they are called on it.


I’m sorry that no one helped you when you needed help 6 months ago, however, here is a link to quite a hefty help that we have all been adding to. Personally, I only found Valentina 6 months ago and I was totally new to the concept of pattern making and through asking questions here on the forum and trying things out, I have managed to contribute to the wiki quite a bit:


There is a permanent direct link to the wiki at the top of the page.

On the wiki page, there is a link to a Quick Start Manual in PDF that you may open in your browser (or download) for quick reference (which I have actually written myself with the help of everyone on the forum) which has a fully hyperlinked index to the various tools:

It is already a wee bit outdated due to the progress made on the software, but mostly it’s up to date.

Other than that, if you have any questions, please use the forum and you will get answers as quickly as possible. We all try our best to be nice and helpful :slight_smile: and abuse isn’t the way to go.


Oye Vey… Try typing Valentina Project in Youtube… I did. :wink:


I need to pile on with what others have said well. This is a COMMUNITY and everyone is a volunteer. Several people have jumped in to answer my questions, even when I ask questions that may seem stupid or uninformed. If you want immediate tech support you need to find an expensive commercial product and pay for it and probably find that you would not get it there either.

Or, please, join the community, figure out for yourself what you can, contribute what you can, and take a chill pill.

I apologize if I sound combative. I vote for a clean start. Go to the introductions thread and talk to people


I’m sorry that I used bad language on the facebook page. I get carried away sometimes. I am grateful for the software and the hard work it takes to create it.

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