Why can't I create a piece path?


I have my pattern piece (shirt block) and now I am trying to create a piece path but it tells me that my details list is empty. What am I doing wrong?


Hi @kd0afk. Try using the Seam Allowance Tool in order to select all of the points that compose the piece. This will create a detail, which can then have a piece path added to it. I just noticed this last night as I was trying to familiarize myself with the software, and I found it odd that the Piece Path Tool is selectable before a detail has been created. I intended to post about it as it seems like a good place for me to start contributing.


Thanks @schwowsers! Can you make a video of creating a detail? It can be a simple video in mp4 format. I like using Bandicam (https://www.bandicam.com/) and Handbrake (https://handbrake.fr/) for making short videos


I’m really not a good fit for making a tutorial video. I have zero knowledge of pattern-making, and I’m not actually a Valentina user myself. My aim to contribute code, so I was wondering if disabling the Piece Path Tool until a detail is created would be a change worth making. It seems confusing for the tool to be enabled before a detail is made since the tool appears to require a detail in order to function.


Yes I agree that if there are no details created yet, then the tool should be disabled. Could you add this as an issues list on bitbucket? Be sure to make a bitbucket account so you’re not ‘anonymous’.



I created an issue as requested. I only just realized that both the Pin Tool and the Add Node Tool have the same problem, so I’ve included those in the issue.

Issue 752

I’ll take a crack at it.


Got it, thanks guys. No to figure out how to add notches and text on the pattern.