Where to get more instruction on Valentina

Hi every one, I got it, I got the layout and export to be printed. it still doesn’t have seam allowance, not sure why I will play with it some more. Thank you so much for all your help.

The seam allowance by default disabled. Did you enable it?

Yes, I got it working, I am so happy, now I just have to figure out how to print in tiles on my printer. I will try more complicated patterns next. Thanks guys.


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If you can make sense out of it, here is the thread I started that went through all of the issues I had trying to print tiled.

@jeaniecheck, the reason I posted the mini tutorial Print a pattern in Valentina version 0.6.x.x is because I tried many of the same things that @ladysinaz did in her post and had similar and confusing results. bottom line: I am not positive that there are no other methods that work, in fact there probably are. after much experimentation, the only reliable and CORRECTLY TO SCALE printed copy I was able to get on my letter sized printer is the one I described (using PREVIEW TILED PDF and printing individual pages from there) I believe that PRINT TILED PDF will also work, but it will print a lot of blank pages.