Where to find the v0.4.4 version


Dear all, First of all, thank you so much for the Valentina’s project ! I read much about it and I am convinced. I would like to install it on my Macbook which runs on Mac OS 10.7. I hoped I could install the previous release of Valentina, v0.4.4, but I can’t find the package. Could you help me, please? Sincerely, Perin


It looks like the link to the older versions is broken. Perhaps @slspencer can help with that. Meanwhile, is there a reason you don’t want to use the latest stable release? 0.5?


Hi @perinemely,

It is a pity but we don’t have the old releases anymore. Our previous main developer deleted these files as a ‘fond farewell’ when he left the project. Atlassian was very supportive, and reached out to us to restore the code from their backups, but we lost the downloadable files because these were not in Atlassian backups.

Since Qt no longer supports out-of-support OSX versions, we can no longer build the code to run on OSX prior to 10.10.

If anyone on our forum happens to have the OSX 4.4 executable on their system, perhaps they could share it here and restore this file to our repo.


oops. sorry. I demonstrated at least one of the reasons I am not the person to ask about anything related the Mac or Mac OS.


Isn’t the source code here? Can’t it be compiled again? Won’t 0.5.0 run on 10.10?


v0.5 won’t run on OSX 10.7, which is why @perinemely is looking for v0.4.4


Okay. Can someone compile 0.4.4 for Perin, then?


@KeithfromCanada - Would you do this? That would be so helpful.


I’m not set up for it, nor intend to be. It’s been a looooong time since I compiled anything beyond Arduino stuff.


Probably want to delete the links here then… Older Releases or is that Dismines page?


Well, if someone wants to compile from the source code, I downloaded it and put in a OneDrive folder.


I thought that is what the repository is for? Wouldn’t it be more complicated to compile from a OneDrive folder!


Near as I can tell, they are archived copies of the repositories for each version. Check it out.


I see what is there, but I am still confused. I hoped to see a copy of each of the old binary files resulted from the build of each version but I see only source and the scripts to compile and build it. I must be missing the point. Why would I compile from here instead of from the repository?


:man_facepalming: I thought that the old source versions were gone when Roman deleted things.


The release merge on version 0.4.4 in Development branch is 0d66914 dated 12. April 2016 klo 19.19.32 UTC+3. Here is some instruction to revert to that version Rolling back to an old revision in Mercurial (like git reset) – Sophie Alpert