What is the best computer system for Valentina?



Hi everyone, I am a new member on this blog. I will need to buy a new computer system and I was wondering, should I buy a Mac or a PC? I am familiar with both systems but predominantly have used the PC. But Macs are really nice. So, from your experience does Valentina work better with a particular system?


Definitely Windows. Not because Windows is better, but because Valentina works better on Windows. But let’s wait, maybe some Mac users will say their words.


I work with a Mac and Valentina works fine for me. Don’t know what I am missing.


I am happy to hear, because Mac has many options not available on other platforms. Also it is hard to make the same feel and look for Mac application with Qt. Many criticize Qt for this. My official position is simple we will support Mac on level we can. I don’t have Mac and use VirtualBox for testing. Community should be active and send us bug reports if they see problem with Mac version. We will try to fix them.


I prefer 64 bit linux, however I run Valentina on several different systems and I must agree that Valentina behaves better on windows. I do not have a Mac in my collection. I will try to pay more attention and not just work around minor bugs because I know many or most of them result from the behavior of Qt and I did not think that was your main focus at this time


I only have Windows 32 & 64 bit, so I’m also in no position to say which is best between Windows & Mac, but I prefer to work on the 64 bit, it has a larger RAM and a graphics card so there’s no waiting while the screen refreshes which I get a bit on the 32 bit.


some of the minor annoyances in the (KDE Ubuntu) 64 bit linux version work just fine in the (Unity desktop, Ubuntu) 32 bit linux version. I have not yet tried to install enough different boot environments to be exactly sure where the issues may lie. I am fairly sure they are nowhere in the Valentina code however I am also sure that the number of people who would care about that distinction are few


@dismine and @slpencer I am assuming that it is not critical at this point that I spend a lot of time creating multiple environments to test every variation of which operating system and desktop environment have quirks that show up for Valentina. Please let me know if I am incorrect in that assumption. I am busy with the scheduled activities for getting the current show at the theater to opening night but to be honest I will always be busy with whatever is the “next” show. Let me know if I underestimate how urgent testing all of the possible variations may be for you


Not urgent at all.:slight_smile:


Thanks for all your hard work!


I also use this with a Mac and it is great.