What is a Group used for?

I saw a “Group” toolbox, but I can’t figure what it is used for?

Is it a way to declutter the screen, by selecting some elements to be hidden? If so, I feel most software calls this kind of feature a “layer”: usually groups are a way to link elements together so that they can be selected together, and handled like a single element. Layers are a way to link elements together so that they can be shown/hidden. What about renaming this function to “Layers” ?

Hi @Yann, I think the Group tool is the beginning of some capabilities that are not fully implemented. The ability to define a group has been finished, but the ability to apply an Operation tool to a defined Group has not been implemented.

The Group tool would make it easy to move a defined group, then rotate the same group, then repeat!

Also to be added is abilty to add/delete objects in a group. Which would then allow a user to use a lasso to visually grab the objects for a group, then remove any that weren’t needed and add those that weren’t caught.

So yeah, you noticed something that has tremendous power, but it’s not finished!

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Мое мнение: какая разница, как что называется? Если знаешь, что нажимать и что в итоге получится - не важно, как это называется. Я уже привыкла к названию “группы”, и это не составляет никакого неудобства в работе. Валентина - это другая программа, думаю, не нужно сравнивать её с другими чертежными программами.

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@Olga_Kr It’s a classical debate, about ergonomics & usability: do you ask users to getting used to your system, or do you adapt your system to users expectancy? Humans became a global predator and reign over Earth because we can adapt to almost any biotope, but from a software design point of view, Valentina is more likely to become a widely used solution if newcomers easily find how to use it. We need Valentina to become a reference solution, as usable as possible, so that it gets more traction, more interest for developers, more users able to fund development, more features developed, and finally a better tool for everyone. Valentina is currently at v0.5-v0.6, it is not a finished product, it is young and if there are easy changes we can do now to make it better, we should do it. However, as far as I understand, the way Susan describes the features looks like a real “group” and not a “layer” that would be used only for decluttering the display, so “Group” seems to be future-proof. :slight_smile: