Volunteer/Unpaid Task request: Catsuit/Skinsuit/zentai costume base foundation

(Side note, I am not able to run the latest program release on Windows XP, so I am posting this so that there is a pattern block available when I eventually upgrade my technology.)

As I’ve been unable to find much information in English on how to draft a catsuit/skinsuit/zentai pattern I am politely seeking a volunteer pattern maker to develop a a set of blocks for the following specification:

"Full catsuit plain colour or single foil, rear entry zip, straight seamed if feasible, high collar (not sure of exact term, but its essentially a flat band firm around the neck with a snap fastening or hook/eye fastening at rear in this design), Stirrup ankle or fully footed. Open wrist.

Intended Size : 2XL (18-22) (UK) ( Reference width measures are Bust:40-42in, Waist 34-36in, Hips - 40-42 in. If there other specific measure needed LMK. ).

Alternates and options (if anyone is interested.)

  • Hand/thumb stirrup(?) instead of plain open wrist. (I’ve not found ANY tutorial yet on how to add these to a sleeve pattern.
  • Open ankle design, possibly with fastened opening (?) to accommodate a stiffer material, or ankle measure smaller than “instep” measure. A similar opening could be made at the wrist. Intent would be invisible snap fastening or a short zip. *An alternate ankle/wrist cuff design, would be to end the leg/sleeve in a straight opening, but have something like a tight shirt cuff. Intended fastening for this would be snap fastenings, a button, or even a loop and hole external fastening (would need to do a drawing to explain in full.) "

The closest I came to finding a block to work from was one mentioned on an old web-site which is no longer available.

I was also sure there was a now deleted commerical Kwik Sew pattern that was very close to the specifcation.

Additional image (showing sleeve closure options):

Sleeve closures

What I mean by a hand stirrup: Hand stirrup

Collar images: