Volunteer Project: Seeking transcribers for Wikisources



Hi. As Valentina can be used to mirror old style ‘systemised’ pattern making I was wondering if anyone here was in a position to convert the “drafts” and “patterns” in I. Rosenfield’s Practical designer into something that can be used more widely. Index page here -


Whilst a straight transcription to a suitable format is desirable (Wikimedia Commons prefers SVG or PDF.) , I would have no objections to the patterns being additionaly provided in tweaked versions given that general sizes will have clearly changed since 1911.

Elsewhere on Wikisource, There’s also a Volume called “The cutters’ practical guide to the cutting of ladies’ garments” which also has various ‘systems’.


Would you be interested in learning Valentina in order to make this happen? This would be a fantastic system to replicate with geometric formulas.


I was more interested in finding existing users that could generate the relevant SVG files (for Wikimedia Commons), actually, as I am more used to drawing vector in Inkscape then I am in pattern drafting techniques.

I also found this - http://costumes.org/wiki/index.php/History100pages1893to1898cuttersguide


We’re all learning here, and many of us are at your level of expertise with patterndrafting. Plus we all have our different interests, but perhaps someone on this list would be willing to create this for you.


The link (to source scans at costumes.org) given in Oct 2016 now appears to be a “dead link”.

I’ve posted an updated link to an archive copy in the appopriate section of the forum, but will also do so here,


I’ve checked the archive copy on that link is complete, in respect of the volumes it had scans for.