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Hey Seamly gang,

Since it’s Lockdown Time again over here, I’m thinking of making a series of short video tutorials explaining Seamly features.

Now I was wondering which functions to feature, so I thought I could ask you guys if you’d be interested in a video on anything specific. Could be any feature in any level of the software, such as curves with reference points, copying pattern pieces, labeling pattern pieces,… Curious about your feedback!



Super idée. Personnellement je rencontre pas mal de problèmes avec les courbes donc une vidéo bien détaillée sur le sujet m’intéresserait.

Merci d’avance

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Hi there! It would be great some tutorials on themultisize feature and the applying on 2D patterns. I could never understand completely it´s use

I´ll be looking foward to see those videos :wink:

I hope it helps. Thanks in advance


Hi @crn

Yes, very good idea. IMO, curves are a very good place to start and also all the tools in the Operations section, like the move, group, flip, rotate tools.

:grin: I’d also like to see how you copy pattern pieces. Is this copying a collar from one pattern to another (for example)? or is it just creating 2 pattern pieces from 1?


I did upload an explanation of how I use multisizes and why on my blog yesterday: if you’d like to have a look. It’s not really a tutorial, just how I use it & why.


Just keep in mind that changes to app UI are likely to occur - at least for a little while longer - that may render a video somewhat outdated.

That being said… there will be lots of changes and new features that having new updated videos would be much welcomed.

Edit: I have the perfect video we really need… “Getting Started”. A new user in another topic asked how do they start making a pattern. That’s what’s really needed - a simple video that explains how to start a new pattern, the concept of the draft blocks, how to use some of the basic point tools, how to create a pattern piece, and how to create a layout from the pieces.

A second video could then introduce using formulas and measurements.


Thank you Douglas, I was worried about UI changes too, especially since my laptop is an elderly lady… an intro video is probably a good vantage point.


Cool, thanks for the link! Once I have more time I’ll look into your use of militarize patterns, since I use that a lot and don’t know a lot of people who do as well.

Edit: ummm… multisize patterns :joy:


Oh, i meant tracing a new pattern piece from the Basic Block, this is the expression I was taught in German analogue pattern making back in the day (I.e. „auskopieren“).


i would like to learn how to create my own plus size slopers/blocks to use


Just a note - the multisize feature is hardcoded in the pattern format and relates only to men’s sizes from a Russian patternmaking book. So… needless to say the architecture of this feature must be ripped out and started again from scratch. The way this should work is completely different than the way it currently works.

So I advise against publishing info about Seamly multisize because it’s so crazy wrong and confusing. Many people who use Seamly are learning Seamly at the same time that they’re learning patternmaking. Teaching our current horrible multisize feature will teach them something they have to unlearn, which is harder than learning it to begin with. The concepts they will need to know about properly creating multisized patterns will be forever messed up. Just my two cents on this issue …

ANd any patterns made with multisize at this time might not be supported in the future because we can’t map a set of contradictory rules based on false assumptions that users have to “work around” to get it to meet their needs (current Seamly multisize) over to a set of logical rules (future Seamly multisize). So use the current multisize feature with this in mind. If at all possible please, I beg you, wait for the fix for multisize feature. In the meantime just create a measurement file for each of your sizes. We will be able to convert all of those measurement files into a single multisize file, that’s doable. Can’t say that we will be able to guarantee conversion upgrade of a pattern that has the incorrect multisize feature embedded in it.


thanks Susan, that’s good to know! I’ve been using the multisize feature with a grain of salt in the sense that while width and length changes can be formulated, the sizing notation is non-changeable for now and you have to cross-check the measurements of your file to pick your desired size. I’ll keep it in mind.



A video on the construction of parametric curves. I’m so so lost.

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Hi @emmababi, Your tutorial on curves is posted on your thread about curves:


Hello @slspencer,

Thank you, thank you so much. You help me a lot.



hola a todos; estoy preparando unos videos tutoriales en español para enseñar el manejo de seamly2d y seamlyMe, basandome en el aprendizaje basico de patrones que es hacer patrones desde 0. sustituir las reglas , lapiz ,papel ,mesa grande y mucho espacio por un ordenador y los recursos de seamly2d. me esta llevando bastante trabajo y voy lenta. va ha cambiar mucho la interfaz o tambien va a cambiar algunas funciones , es para esperar un poquito para hacer los videos.

gracias a todos por vuestro trabajo.


hola acabo de descargar la ultima versión con la nueva interfaz, que realizare los tutoriales con la nueva interfaz.

gracias por todo.


Por fin he conseguido terminar los primeros tutoriales en español de Seamly2d. Los he querido empezar desde 0 para los que no saben hacer patrones y tambien para los que no saben digitalizar patrones o utilizar software de diseño. Os dejo el enlace de Youtube comparto las miniaturas de los dos primeros videos tutoriales.

Intentare todas las semanas un nuevo video tutorial acompañado de ejercicios y practicas para aprender a usar seamly2d.

Gracias a todos los que hacéis posible este proyecto.


Wow! Thank you very much, @Maite. :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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