Valentina wiki page for Tools



I created a page on the Wiki so that everyone can add their knowledge about how Valentina tools work.


Thank you very much @slpencer, I’m really new to wiki and I was battling to do that. I’ll have to create my pictures again and upload them. I already started with that, but work got in the way, so I shelved it for this weekend.


@Grace If you click on ‘edit source’ on any Valentina page, it will show you the markdown language used. It’s super simple (after you get used to it!) Also, while editing, you can highlight text then click on the formatting menubar icons then click preview to check your work before making the changes permanent.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Bleh! How do I delete everything I did before, including the images, and start again?


I don’t see your changes.


Thank you. I managed to edit them. I’m about to try to link the page to the “Tools” section.


Yaaayyyeeee, I’ve done the Tools, Points wiki and it seems fine to me :slight_smile: I haven’t linked the 2nd section, but anyone is welcome to make changes. Please let me know about anything that I have wrong so that I can correct my ways :slight_smile:

Oh, and my wiki name is Kwatie


If the way I’ve done the points is acceptable, please let me know & I’ll start on the Lines.


Yes, please, continue.:heart_eyes:


I made a val file containing all the operations

operations-demo.val (15,1 Ko)


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

You can check out the wiki pages that I’m creating for the everyday person who loves to sew here:


@fabrice - Open a new topic under Patterns category, and post your file! May we post it on the wiki? May we distribute it with Valentina?


Hi @fabrice, may I use a screenshot of your document at the end of my curves tutorial, please?


@slpencer @Grace Yes you can!


I have added the curves :blush:


Please, I need a little help. I’m trying to understand exactly how the arcs work so that I can do the arcs for the wiki and I’m totally stuck.

I’d like to draw a arc from E to the line B_C using the 1st arc tool. B is the centre of my radius and the length of the radius is the distance between B & E. I’ve managed to create the arc and from the eye off, it seems the correct length, but it’s going from E to the left instead of E to the right :frowning:

the_practical_designer_1918.val (3.8 KB)

I’ve added the .val file that I’m using. There are no measurements attached to this file.

Thank you


Ok, I got it right by flipping it, but would still like to know the correct method for the wiki, please.


Sometimes its just a matter of re-organizing the objects so that they match desktop algebra/trig. Added Line_B_E & Line_B_C, both originate at the Arc center.

B = Arc center Line_B_E = Radius AngleLine_B_E = begin angle AngleLine_B_C = end angle


Thank you very much. I’m going to try that now :slight_smile:

Ahh, ok, I see where I went wrong. While the protractor goes anti-clockwise, the line of the arc goes clockwise :dog2: