Valentina web site




Do we have person who responsible for web site


So far Clement Renaud of Fabricatorz has set it up. It’s Rails, so it’s weirdly difficult to change. If you need something changed on the site, please let me know.

The website should get an overhaul within the next month or two, and we’ll get away from the ‘free’ websites of Bitbucket and Github so that we can have something nice.


I see issue with names of packages. They are not readable as soon as you highlight them by mouse.

Also i did request about package for Slackware.


That’s the reason why i don’t touch it.


Okay I jumped in there. Hopefully this is an improvement.


Yes, looks much better. Thanks!


@slpencer, don’t you want to add CI service badges on


Check the site, under the social media links. Added CI & GPL, grouped with Site monitoring logo


Ok, but have some questions.

Where is badge for Show build and tests for Linux. Where is badge for Show build on Qt 5.0. Does provide the project page where i can see information?


New issue


Yeah I’m not familiar on how to set the styling for this section. It may take some time. Can you look on Ohloh and see if there is a setting to not show the logo, etc?


Unfortunatelly doesn’t provide any way to styling widgests. Hovever i have found one way.

Here is code for the original widget <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

As you can see the site return script by link

If use this link in a browser you will get document.write("<iframe src='', scrolling='no', marginHeight='0', marginWidth='0', style='height: 220px; width: 370px; border: none'></iframe>");

And this code has style options. So instead of the original code we could write <script type="text/javascript">document.write("<iframe src='', scrolling='no', marginHeight='0', marginWidth='0', style='height: 220px; width: 370px; border: none'></iframe>");</script>

Hope this will help.:wink:


ok it is fixed…


@slpencer, the link “About” right now leading to This is not really useful. Can we point it to Introduction?


Fixed in forum menu and on main website.


Not what i meant. The name was About and Introduction perfectly fit to it. But User Manual has little bit different link User Manual - Seamly2D.


Ok, I see. Check now.


Hey @slpencer, my browser (Cromium) says that has invalid certificate.


Okay I’m adding an SSL certificate from Cloudflare. It will take up to 24 hours for DNS to propogate, etc. Then Cloudflare will issue certificate. So could be 1 to 2 days before this is fixed.

To the Valentina user group: The site is still up. This error doesn’t affect accessing via


Github doesn’t provide a SSL support for websites which use a custom domain, we have custom domain

So I set up SSL through Cloudflare - the secure socket layer is provided by setting up with the Cloudflare DNS servers. There isn’t an SSL certificate on our website.

Access via HTTPS now works, no errors.