Valentina introduction video


I created an introduction video about Valentina. The link is

Please give feedback, what you want to see more.


Thanks @Stinde! This is wonderful!

I sent a request to to replace the configuration video they used in their article which includes Valentina. They used the 1st video on our YouTube channel. Hopefully Mairin will use this new video.


Thanks @slpencer I finally got the set up and courage to do the video. I will do the next part to the trousers video ( Details and Layout) Do you have ideas, what videos are needed?


@Stinde, I think you should do the tutorials that you are inspired to make.


Great video sir, It was a joy to watch. Thank you for taking the time to produce and share it. I look forward to watching your other tutorials. Kind regards Paul


Did you see previous video?


Not yet. Thank you for the link. I will have a look now. Kind regards Paul


Thanks. I’ll try to complete the trousers this week.


@Stinde watched your video this morning and it was very helpful to me. Thank you.


@nybird, thanks for your feedback

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