Valentina Fundraiser


Sylvain, Sam & everyone on the Valentina team,

As of today Valentina’s fundraiser has begun.

Sylvain & Sam, thank you for inviting Valentina into your beta program. The fundraising effort has encouraged us to develop Valentina’s branding and message. Thanks for your support and patience.

The website ( seems fairly cohesive. There are links to drive visitors toward the fundraiser page which features the OpenFunding widgets.

We have a @tusuzu / Valentina Project Twitter feed, Valentina Project Facebook page, and Valentina Project group.

I am currently working on getting press in Libre Graphics World, Linux World News, and the Free Software Foundation, plus others.

The fundraising efforts for anime and other cons are in the works as well.

We’ll see what the next 9 weeks have in store as we are continuing the fundraiser through DragonCon, which is the 1st weekend in September.

Best Regards to all,

Susan Spencer Valentina Community Manager

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