Valentina E-Book : Version Française?



Merci beaucoup Grace, mais je n’ai pas pu ouvrir le fichier lesson . Y a-t-il un mode emploi complet du logiciel ? merci


@boutondor, perhaps I can help. @Grace is in another time zone and may be asleep by now. what program do you use to read a PDF file?

@boutondor, peut-être que je peux aider. @Grace est dans un autre fuseau horaire et peut-être déjà endormi. quel programme utilisez-vous pour lire un fichier PDF?


Thanks, @kmf, yes, it’s after midnight here.

@gold button, is it the pattern file that you can’t open? or is it the pdf document?

est-ce le fichier de signatures que vous ne pouvez pas ouvrir? ou est-ce le document .pdf?


@boutondor, Quel fichier n’a pas pu être ouvert?

Which file could not be opened?


Je peux aider les personnes francophones, je suis français et je vis près de Paris. Une traduction serait en effet bienvenue pour les pays qui parle très mal l’anglais comme la France.

Short summary : I think most users in France, excepted young graduated peoples, will have issue with English, some countries in north europe have a very good level but not in France. I think also many users are not familiar with CAD and geometry …


The automatic translation is quite funny …


Hi @fabrice I’m just waiting for the new wiki to be available, then I’ll put it all on the wiki under the tutorial section with new pictures, etc., and it will be in ordered step-by-step mode. Then your help with translating will be very valuable, please. This was created for a ‘live’ tutorial in English for the local ladies. I only did the translation for a friend in France, who knows my French is very limited, to get her started. The English versions are available here on the forum in this topic: New member, any spanish speakers? - User Requests - Seamly Forum

If you’d like them in MSWord, I still have them in that format :slight_smile: